My name is Mr. Kotter!

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Cared for by SOS Kitty
Adoption fee: $70

This helps SOS Kitty with pet care costs.

My basic info

Domestic Shorthair
Black & White or Tuxedo
12 years 2 months old, Adult
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My details

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My story

Here's what the humans have to say about me:

What a character! ...And he has several vocalizations! Once he knows you, he will want to be in your lap all the time. Comes running when hears recliner.

Mr. Kotter was rescued from under a school that was being closed when he was only three weeks old. He was one of five from the same location. He is a hefty (12#) white and black cat now (born about 4/24/12).. Mr. Kotter is a very nice cat that deserves a home of his own for the rest of his years. We take any adult cat back and return fee within 30 days if you don't think you will love him.

Mr, Kotter has been a shy cat, so wasn't shown much. Then a lady insisted, so we placed him. Mature cats need an average of three weeks to stop believing they are lost. Their internal GPS keeps them frightened and feeling lost. During that time, a new owner needs to confine their new cat and romance it. Food, treats, petting & loving during this time offer an ideal opportunity to bond. If they are not confined, though, there is no opportunity to develop this bond, so he was returned.

Since he demonstrated to us that he was adoptable to a patient home and he wants very much to be a lap cat, we went to a regular vet for extensive check up and senior blood-work earlier this year. No issues were found.

He likes Omar (nurturing) but fears Caesar (aggressive). He spent his early kitten-hood in a doggy daycare, so might be fine with a friendly dog or two, gently introduced. He was handled then by a granddaughter, but there aren't any children in our home now.

Susanne 480-694-9998
SOS Kitty

Contact info

Pet ID
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
private, no tax ID Love PetSmart, et al, gift cards! Saguaro Vet Clinic donation (McDonald).

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

Simple contract. Fee is donation, usually between $75 and $120 depending on animal. Special animals will have higher or lower adoption fees or arrangements.
We accept other donations, but are not yet an independent 501c3. Our minimum veterinary costs at this time are over $100.kitten. Adults minimum $74. Food and litter avarage $1000/month+.
We love PetSmart or PetCo gift cards!
We feed ProPlan Chicken & Rice Adult to almost all cats (always available) and Fancy Feast wet food twice a day
with some Trader Joe's Tuna for Cats. Wet food is as a check on health issues as well as added moisture in diet and treat.
Kittens start with Royal Canon Babycat until ProPlan Kitten kibbles.
Senior cats get Science Diet's 11+ dry food.
Cats we adopt from our home or the Safe Haven house have been tested for FeLV/FIV, inoculated against upper respiratory diseases and have been spayed or neutered.
We do not adopt out unaltered animals.
We do foster/adopt with kittens when experienced adopters want younger kittens and are willing to work with us to complete their two distemper vaccinations and spay or neuter. We do not neuter before three months old, or spay/neuter before 3 pounds unless unusually small and healthy.
As of July 2012, we cannot take in any more adult cats until a significant number have been rehomed. We do not euthanize unless the health of the animal demands, so must make room with adoptions.
We adopt to indoor-only situations.
We seek homes where they don't declaw, but may be placing a declawed cat.
We work with a veterinarian to place rescued animals turned in to their clinic that are considered adoptable. We help in their recovery as needed first. Similar police issues.
We work to assist Safe Haven for Animals, Inc., in placing their cats and showing at sites they cannot cover.
Usually, the cats/kittens are in our home, private homes (SOS Kitty fosters) or in the Safe Haven rescue house. A few are on the local animal rescue network or in other private homes.
We usually take cats/kittens to the potential adopter's home for evaluation, We have foster locations where we can show cats/kittens by appointment, We show cats & kittens every Thursday at Trendy Pet & Rescue in Scottsdale Fashion Square. We show cats at Choice (Shea & 71st Streets) three Sundays a month with first Sunday of month off.
We will take back any adult cat within 30 days if the placement does not appear to be satisfactory and refund the rehoming fee. Ditto kittens but usually no refund. We want each of our rescues to be in permanent, loving homes.

Go meet their pets

By appointment. Working on adoption events.

Trendy Pet & Rescue @ Scottsdale Fashion Square Thursdays 11-3; Choice Pet Market all but first Sundays 11-3.

Two foster homes in north Scottsdale have offered to show SOS Kitty cats and kittens for potential adoption by appointment. Doggy day care fosters kittens and can sometimes host meetings.

More about this rescue

I'm a retired Agricultural Engineer. I operated the rescue house for Safe Haven for Animals for three years 24/7 (40-80 cats & kittens, all wet food and medicines). There were animals that Safe Haven was not able to rescue that I began taking, so chose to focus on those in my own home and assist in placement of cats in Safe Haven for Animals' rescue house.

I still do some workshop facilitation and small consulting jobs. I do cat rescue because I love animals, have an incredible mentor (apprenticed to vet before starting to rescue cats) and because there is huge need, especially in our current economy here in Arizona.

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