My name is Barn cat/Mouser!

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Domestic Shorthair
Tiger Striped
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Protect your barn and outbuildings with natural pest control! Occasionally we have groups of two or three "teenage" siblings who may be too difficult to tame for regular homes, Some would likely tame up with time and patience, but with so many already-tame cats looking for homes, the best place for our teenage cats is on a farm. We also have adult semi-feral/feral cats pulled from local animal control facilities who were scheduled for euthanasia. They will require about 2-4 weeks of confinement in a stall or tack room so that they learn the sights and smells and sounds of their new home, and so they learn that they will be fed. We will provide a large dog pen, litter, litter box and food if needed. We require that the barn owner continue to provide daily food and fresh water once the cats are free - they will not stay and provide mousing services if they are not fed! They also will need 24-hour access to safe and dry barns or outbuildings for shelter. All cats looking for jobs as mousers will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated against rabies and distemper.
Cat Zip Alliance/Campus Cats

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Kelly Bettinger
P.O. Box 902, Wakinsville, GA 30677

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While we don't have a set adoption fee, we do ask for an adoption fee of your choice to help us cover some of our veterinary care and supply costs. Adoptions are not free. We do have a short questionnaire that we ask potential adopters to fill out via email so that we can be sure we are matching the right cat with the right FOREVER home!

More about this rescue

The mission of Cat Zip/Campus Cats is to humanely manage and reduce the number of community cats on the University of Georgia campus and in surrounding neighborhoods and counties through our community cat management/TNR program, barn cat program, and adoption program.

We will not take in or relocate unwanted community cats. We cannot take in strays from the public. We will loan you traps and provide all the information and advice you need to safely trap the feral cats in your backyard or at your business in order to have them spayed/neutered and vaccinated, IF they are welcomed back to their home territory and will receive lifelong care (food, water, etc.)

Cat Zip Alliance is is a nonprofit organization with 501(3)(c) tax exempt status.