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Please provide current and previous vet/animal hospital/clinic where your pet(s) have received care with the past 10 years. Also provide the names of the pets listed with each vet.

NOTE: We must verify that all pets are spayed and current with all vaccinations in order to approve an application. If rabies shots were received at a clinic you must provide proof of current rabies certificate to Pet Tails at time of application.

Please provide two references (at least one who is not a family relative):

Conditions: I hereby certify that all information provided is complete and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that omission of information and failure to answer questions truthfully can result in application being declined. I understand that if an omission or untruth is discovered after I am approved to foster, Pet Tails Rescue reserves the right to reclaim the animal. I understand that Pet Tails Rescue will contact references and may verify employment. I understand that the fostering of a dog or cat is a serious commitment and that I will care for this pet with love and kindness as I would my own pets. I understand that an application to foster a pet is not a guarantee of approval and is dependent upon the sole discretion of the Executive Board of Directors of Pet Tails Rescue.