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Adoption Process

Congratulations for considering to adopt a new pet for your family!

Completing an adoption application is the first step in adopting a dog or cat. Please note that in order to be considered for adoption through Pet Tails Rescue all current pets must be up to date with all shots and be spayed and neutered. Pet Tails Rescue must ensure that all adoptable pets will be go to loving homes that will provide all appropriate vetting services and vaccinations.

The adoption application is located on our website.

Once an application is received it will be reviewed and personal references checked.  Veterinarian references will also be checked.  Home checks may be required.  Applications are usually processed within 3-4 days. Please understand that we may receive multiple applications for specific animals and at times we may not be able to respond due to the volume of inquiries. Please feel free to follow up with an email to our staff.

If the pet you are interested in is in a local foster home, once your application is approved you will get to meet and adopt your new pet within a couple of days depending on the availability of our foster. If the pet you are looking to adopt is still located at a shelter or in one of our southern foster homes; it could take 2-3 weeks to receive your pet based on the timing of vetting and upcoming transports.

ADOPTION FEES (Includes all vetting, spaying and neutering, transport fees and health certificate):
Dogs & Puppies under 6 years old: $475
Dogs 6 years and older:  $295
Kittens 7 months or younger:  $195
Cats 8 months to 5 years: $175
Cats 6 years or older: $125