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My Story

This girl....this girl is the biggest sweetest mushiest LOVE BUG I have seen in awhile! LILLY (10 month old lab/pointer mix) is ALL ABOUT LOVE! The best thing in the entire world is LILLY nuzzling up next to you and attempting to lick your ear off or trying to fit her 32 lbs squarely on your lap for some big hugs and snuggles. Next to that I swear this girl could lay on her back with a goofy smile on her face while she soaks in endless belly rubs! Honestly, LILLY is a sweet. sweet girl who just wants to be loved and be with her people. EXTREMELY AFFECTIONATE. LILLY was surrendered because her owner did not have time for her any longer. She is not a big fan of being outside in this cold weather - LILLY would prefer to be with her person snuggled on a couch watching TV or playing with her stuffed toys. She does enjoy car rides but is really looking forward to warmer weather when she can soak in the sun and feel a soft gentle breeze on her coat. We have promised to find her a great family and a really really soft lap to snuggle up on....

LILLY is a SUPER girl and would make an absolutely wonderful family pet.

Applications can be submitted on our website at www.pettailsrescue.org

Adoption Process

Once a prospective adoptive family finds a dog they want to adopt they must complete an adoption questionnaire. All references will be checked and interviews are performed. Home checks may likely be performed. We then arrange to have the dog placed in foster care while he/she is fully vetted. We also have foster families located here in NH. Adoption fees are $475 for dogs and pups and $175 for cats and kittens up to 3 years old and $125 for cats over 3 years old.

Applications can be found on our website at www.pettailsrescue.org