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My Story

OLLIE - OLLIE just turned a year old and is an Irish Wolfhound / Great Pyrenee's mix. (Per DNA test)

This boy is EXCEPTIONAL! And a striking beauty as well. OLLIE is currently 70lbs but is still growing and will probably max out between 90-95 lbs when full grown. He has graduated from a professional training course with flying colors! He walks great on a leash, responds to sit, lay down, stay and come. He is extremely friendly and affectionate and greets everyone with a smile and tail wag. Gentle jumper. OLLIE is a playful guy and loves to play fetch and tug of war. This boy is very athletic and can jump a 4 foot fence. He is also extremely smart and would be a great dock diving dog (webbed paws) and the ability to jump great distances in a single bound or would also make a great agility dog. There is still a lot of puppy in OLLIE and Im sure he would love to have a furry sibling . He is great with children (lived with toddlers) and has an exceptional temperment. Loves everyone but we have not had a chance to kitty test him yet. OLLIE is house trained and not a big fan of a crate but will settle into it after a few minutes.

This boy turns heads when he is out in public! His coat is just gorgeous. OLLIE has black fur and white eyelashes on one eye and white fur and black eyelashes on the other eye. Quite honestly, I've never seen another dog like OLLIE before.

Applications can be submitted directly on our website at www.pettailsrescue.org

Adoption Process

Once a prospective adoptive family finds a dog they want to adopt they must complete an adoption questionnaire. All references will be checked and interviews are performed. Home checks may likely be performed. We then arrange to have the dog placed in foster care while he/she is fully vetted. We also have foster families located here in NH. Adoption fees are $475 for dogs and pups and $175 for cats and kittens up to 3 years old and $125 for cats over 3 years old.

Applications can be found on our website at www.pettailsrescue.org