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If you are interested in volunteering for Pet Tails Rescue, please fill out our volunteer application below.  If you have any additional questions or would like more information please send an e-mail to info@pettailsrescue.org

Thank you so very much for considering to become a volunteer!

Pet Tails Rescue Executive Board of Directors

Please list two personal references and their relationship to you.

NOTE: Please notify your references that a representative of Pet Tails Rescue will be contacting them.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Office/Clerical Help: Record keeping, thank you notes, copying/printing, database entry, billing, ordering supplies, may need data entry skills and must be organized. Some participation may be done remotely, however we do have some needs at our office in Northwood, NH at various days and times.

Phone Calls/Pre-Screening Applications: Calls to potential  adopters and fosters. This is a specialized task. We currently have two individuals volunteering in this capacity. Feel free to check the box if you feel you have what it takes to make these preliminary calls and we will discuss it further if the need arises.

Fundraising/Public Relations:  All kinds of opportunities exist! We have a group of volunteers who currently meet on a bi-monthly basis. The location is in Southern NH. There is a dedicated Facebook page for Pet Tails Rescue Fundraising which is by invitation only. If you are interested in making a LONG TERM commitment to fundraising, please make a note in your remarks and I will follow up with you. Other fundraising opportunities include setting out donation cans at your place of business, distributing brochures and business cards, researching partner organizations or events, soliciting other volunteers and/or donations. We are always in need of good ideas!

Event participation and set-up: We have a relationship with some retail spaces or at fairs, etc… which require set up and staffing. As a Pet Tails Rescue representative, you would be answering questions and directing the visitors to the proper resources, and generally being very enthusiastic! Must be good with social events, dress in an appropriate manner, have knowledge of the organization.

Long Distance Transport:
We currently have the services of long distance drivers who take special care of our precious cargo from NH to SC and back. If, however, there are scheduling issues and we need backup and you are interested, please let us know on this form. This is a paid position and you would be interviewed and trained in procedures to keep all our animals safe.

Local Transport:
We are in need of transport volunteers all the time! Some of our fosters live in Western NH or MA and we need reliable, caring people to do some of the transport between their homes and adoption locations. Generally, this means coming to Northwood, or some proximity thereof. There are also times when transport is needed for vet appointments. Our fosters have so much to juggle, and they would appreciate your help! This also means that Maureen can focus on saving more animals!

Transport Arrival/Adoption Days:
Adoption Days, and transport arrival days are VERY SPECIAL! When the van arrives from its long journey, the animals need a few minutes of fresh air and a little walk to relieve themselves. Your job as a volunteer would be to meet the transport at the designated location and help the drivers and our staff admit the dogs to the quarantine facility. They will need some extra loving and the calm presence of understanding, compassionate people as their journey is not yet over. Adoption days are the highlight of our work. We strive to make that day as pleasurable and memorable as possible. Extra hands make light work, and you can bask in the happiness of the moments. This might also include visiting with and supporting adopters or fosters, taking pictures, making the space festive, etc. Really one of the happiest jobs on earth!

Van preparation and clean-up:  An important, yet often underappreciated factor in the complex world of rescue is the challenging preparation and clean up for transports. Many hours go into making sure our drivers are prepared for any emergency, assuring the safety and comfort of our drivers and their precious cargo! Van set-up involves coming to the van location (likely Northwood, NH) on a pre-determined day to make sure all the crates are clean, labeled and supplied. On the tail end is the least, but very important task of sanitizing all of the crates in preparation for the next ride! Prerequisites are being physically-abled and willingness to get a little dirty.

You will be called to be approved as an official member of the Pet Tails Rescue Volunteers, the Fundraising Group, or other ways in which the donation of your time and enthusiasm would enrich the Pet Tails Rescue Mission.  We are a great team and always welcome new volunteers!