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Welcome! PHS

The Posey Humane Society (PHS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding forever homes for the surrendered and lost animals of Posey County. PHS goes to local schools to help teach pet care to future pet owners so when they adopt an animal, they know what is involved in caring for that animal and how that animal can become part of a loving member of the family. Adopting a pet should be a life long commitment and if they cannot do that, then they shouldn’t adopt, but maybe volunteer.


PHS works to educate the community on the importance of:

  •          Spaying/neutering pets to help control the overpopulation of unwanted animals
  •          Vaccinating & using preventative measures to help keep them healthy to live long lives
  •          Micro-chipping pets to help assist in their return if they are lost

PHS operates on donations, memorial contributions and the money raised from the several fund raisers that are done each year. We receive no funding from any local or federal organization. Check out the Events page to see the fun events that are coming up to help support PHS.

Posey Humane Society 2017 Shelter Report 


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