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BonesBones before

Bones came to PHS as a surrender in December of 2011. He was an unaltered English Coonhunting dog. He lived at the shelter for 1 year before getting adopted and heading to his new home. Bones was in a loving home and happy. However, due to health issues, his new owner had to surrender him back to PHS in May of 2013. Bones was a challenge to find a home for. He couldn’t be taken to adoption events because it would have been hard on him with his personality. He didn’t like cats or other dogs. He needed a special person and a special home. PHS knew what a loving dog he was and started really promoting him. He had his own FB page and had his picture everywhere. That hard work of the shelter staff and volunteers paid off.

Bones nowIn January of 2015, Bones found that special home. Someone looking for a companion dog, preferably a hunting breed, came by to look at Bones. They did a meet and greet that went great. Bones got to go on a trial adoption to see how things would go. He won the heart of his new friend and found his forever home. Bones is a very happy guy. He stops by the shelter every now and then to say “Hello” and let everyone know that he is well and happy. What a terrific story of a very special dog.