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Precious Paws Rescue, Inc.

Wednesday-Saturday 10 am-2pm

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Sunday

Year in Review: 2017

Our Mission:

The primary purposes of this corporation is to reduce pet overpopulation and to relieve the suffering of animals by rescuing, fostering and rehoming unwanted or abandoned pets; to inform and educate the public regarding basic pet care, the importance of spay/neuter practices to control pet overpopulation and to seek funding for these procedures.


  • 312 cats came into our shelter
  • 67 adults were adopted 50%
  • 245 kittens were adopted 89%
  • 61 dogs came into our shelter
  • 22 adults were adopted 100%
  • 39 puppies were adopted 100%

Many other cats were adopted through private adoptions, where we found homes for the cats, kittens while the owner continued to care for them.

Note: Florida experienced a hurricane in the fall of 2017 that left many people in our county with damaged homes. Several of our cats were returned to us during this time due to the owners inability to continue to care for their adopted cats.

Foster Program

  • 73 cats and kittens were in foster homes
  • 7 volunteers fostered these felines during the year.
  • All cats and dogs were spayed/neutered before being available for adoption.
  • 75 low cost spay/neuter vouchers were sold to pet owners. We made appointments for the surgeries at one of the three participating animal hospitals where the vouchers were redeemed on the day of surgery. Through our voucher program these pet owners were able to afford to have their pets altered and prevent further pet overpopulation.


We have 28 active volunteers (most also foster).

Offsite adoption center Petsupermart, staffed and cared for by the employees of the pet store. PPR reviews and approves all adoptions. Cats are kept in the stores cattery and are usually adopted in one to two days. Dogs are there with volunteers on the weekends. Offsite adoptions are also conducted at Tractor Supply and Sea 


Pet food bank

We share our food, litter, blankets, toys etc. with the local food bank that distributes food to the homes of those in need.