Organizational Information Background began as in 2000, and was a comprehensive program proposal to end the overpopulation of companion animals in shelters in Los Angeles, CA. That program was based on a year of research into the nature of the problem, and proposed scientifically based solutions and projections.

To sum it up, ending pet overpopulation begins with a realization that the problem is largely under human control and is solvable. It also begins with a commitment in a community by the residents and leadership that killing companion animals in animal shelters as a way to deal with the shelters being full is an unacceptable solution, and it is unfair to ask the people who work at shelters to do it. What then is the solution?

Pet overpopulation has three causes:

  1. Too many pets being born (either being bred by owners or breeding on the streets).
  2. Pets not remaining in homes. This could be for reasons such as the death of an owner, owner relocation to a rental that does not allow pets, inability of owners to afford the medical or general care of a pet, pet behavior issues, and even lost pets who do not have tags or microchips and so cannot cannot be returned home.
  3. Not enough people adopting pets from shelters. created target goals and specific program ideas to deal with all of the problems listed above. We implemented one aspect of the program, a non-profit pet adoption website. That website has grown into what you see today, North America's largest non-profit homeless pet adoption website, sponsored by the passionate pet lovers at Purina and PetBasics. is more than just a pet adoption website, however. We consider ourselves to be a marketing agency for shelter pets, getting pets seen both online and offline via a variety of publicity efforts and campaigns. Mission Statement's mission is to end the needless killing of adoptable pets in shelters. We have two overarching goals: 1) to be a full-service marketing agency for homeless pets; 2) to provide help and support to the shelter workers and rescuers who spend their lives helping pets find homes.

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