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Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruin-Creek-Animal-Protection-Society-of-Henderson-NC/192733960797149

The Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society is a small group of volunteers who banded together in 2011 and became dedicated to helping the homeless animals at the Vance County Animal Shelter connect to rescue groups that can help them find the loving homes they deserve. We also strive to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, such as through NC-SNAP, to help reduce the number of animals given up to shelters.

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson, NC (RCAPS) does not have a facility. We are working on cheaper spay/neuter options and much more. Almost all animals that we post are from and housed at the Vance County Animal Shelter, those not housed there may be in a neighboring shelter or in foster care. We use the following vets as needed for various vetting needs and temporary boarding:

Dr. Conde Mobile Vet

We are unable to take residents’ animals at this time. We are working very hard to save the animals on death row. If you are interested in rehoming your animal please visit Petfinder for suggestions on how to do so.

Our EIN : 45-0647780 

Mailing Address
Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson
165 US Hwy 158 Bypass
Henderson, NC 27537

Re-homing Your Animal

Please click the link to see ideas for re-homing your pet. We suggest: Using your Facebook page, email, friends and relatives to find a new home for your pet:  www.petfinder.com/after-pet-adoption/decide-give-up-pet.html

Spay and Neuter

It is so important to help the pet population by sapying/netuering your pet. Why Spay and Netuer? People like us, who spend most of our free time rescuing homeless dogs, always offer one big reason for spaying or neutering your dog: the appalling pet overpopulation problem that results in thousands of pets being euthanized (killed) every day. Some 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the U.S. Only 10% of animals admitted to shelters have been spayed or neutered prior to arrival. That means between 8,000 and 11,000 pets are euthanized every day simply because they are homeless. An animal in a shelter is killed every 6.5 seconds. Only one animal in 10 born in the U.S. gets a good home that lasts a lifetime. It costs less to spay or neuter your pet than it does to raise a litter of puppies or kittens. Between three and four million pets are euthanized every year because they are homeless – that’s 60% of dogs and 70% of cats. As upsetting as these numbers are, they represent a 75% reduction in euthanasia since the 1970s. Why? Because more and more people are getting their pets spayed and neutered! These alarming statistics present a good enough reason, all by themselves, for preventing more pet animal births. Simply put, the widespread failure to spay or neuter dogs results in homelessness, misery, cruelty, and death (from https://www.almosthomerescue.org/spayneuter/spayneuter.htm) 

NC Snap is an option for spaying and neutering your pet they offer low cost spay and neuter please check out there website at the link below: 


Live in Vance County Click the link below for the Free Spay Neuter Application: 


Do not know if you qualify for free spay and neuter in Vance County click here: 


Zinc Neuteringwww.youtube.com/watch?v=xfD6xDxB57s

Check out this new procedure to neuter dogs without surgery! 

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Shopping for the Cause 

Gifts 2 Help Rescueswww.gifts2helprescues.com/

Get cool stuff while 25% of the proceeds go to help rescue groups. 


Support homeless pets with each purchase, as 100% of proceeds go to directly to the care or rescue of shelter animals. All designs are original and were professionally created by Gratzer Graphics LLC. 


Support homeless pets with each purchase, as 100% of proceeds go to directly to the care or rescue of shelter animals. All designs are original and were professionally created by Gratzer Graphics LLC. 


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