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Burmese kittens & cats in Henderson, Nevada

Looking for a Burmese kitten or cat in Henderson, Nevada? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Burmese near you.

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Adopt a Burmese near you in Henderson, Nevada

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Photo of John John

John John

American Shorthair

Male, young
Henderson, NV
(when grown) -
Needs experienced adopter, Spayed or Neutered,
John John is a sweet active 6 month old orange tabby cat. He’s fixed and up to date with shots. He has a microchip. He eats and drinks just fine. We feed him sheeba wet food and sometimes the purina kitten dry food in between. I don’t have dogs, but I have 2 older cats that want nothing to do with him. And he came into our lives by accident. I tried to make it work but I don’t know if I did the introduction process wrong or what. But he needs a home where he can be the number one cat. That’s my opinion. He just likes lots of attention. He has a lobster toy that he loves. I will include that with him.
Photo of N/A



Male, kitten
Henderson, NV
(when grown) -
(I'm Tiny Black Kitten who is very loving and needy. I was found in someone's backyard with no owner and no sight of my mother. I Need a loving home with plenty of time on thier hands since I am a snuggly and needy boy.) I don't have much time with my two jobs so I am unable to keep him therfore I am looking to rehome him. He comes with free cat items that I have bought, thinking I would keep him but I made the decision not to due to my busy schedule with 2 jobs. So they come with a cat scratching post, a cat tree, a cat tent/bed, plastic litter box, some food, comb, scentless kitten shampoo, nail clippers, collar, blanket, toys, treats, food etc. They are completely free and so is the Kitten! Just looking for a loving person who is willing to take care of the little guy and invest in buying all his shots as well as neuter him when he is the proper age to. ASAP!
Photo of Shauna



Female, young
Henderson, NV
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
I got her from a friend in August 2017 as a kitten, so she is about 6 years old now, but she is still a very small cat. She never bites nor scratches, something I taught her as a kitten. She does not share a litterbox with other cats. She is very cuddly and loves attention, but spends most of the day sleeping or hiding in little spaces. Indoor and outdoor cat. She has lost the hair on her back legs as maybe a thyroid issue or stress, so I have started putting a pheromone calming collar on her every month, and she seems to be more chill with it. She lives with other dogs, cats, and people right now, but would thrive best in a home with no dogs, as my parents’ dogs chase her. She is a great cat, I just am older now and need to move from my parents house, and don’t have the option to take her with me.

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