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Calico kittens & cats in Blenheim, Ontario

Looking for a Calico kitten or cat in Blenheim, Ontario? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Calico near you.

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Photo of Lucy/ Sadie

Lucy/ Sadie


Female, Adult
Marysville, MI
(when grown) -
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, Spayed or Neutered,
I received the 2 cats from there mother where her mom died unexpectedly and I have been taking care of them since they are shy at first then they are very loving cats both of them. They are such great cats that is why this is so hard for me to do but I have to because they are keeping me from going places. They need to go to the same home because they have been together since they were born so they only know each other and they are very close to each other. I put 100.00 for 50.00 per cat
Photo of Rosy



Female, Adult
Mount Clemens, MI
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
Rosy is a stunning dilute calico with incredible markings like a diamond face, and gorgeous green eyes. Her muted colors of gray, peach, and white is how she got her name from the sunshine over her rosy cheeks. She is a tiny and petite 8 lbs. She's very sweet, loving and affectionate. She craves attention and loves to be pet, kissed, snuggled, and nuzzled. When you lay down, she curls up to you and likes to feel close. She's very neat and well-mannered, quiet, and gentle. Talkative at times and purrs a lot, she seeks attention and comes when you call her. She warms up well to people in a calm environment and bonds well with someone who is gentle and soft spoken. She is confident, but waits for encouragement, someone who will reassure her that it's ok to make herself at home. She enjoys fresh air and looking out the windows. She loves laying on soft blankets and snoozing in the sun. You will often find her napping in different spots throughtout the day as she follows the sun's movements. She is 11 yrs old, playful and active. She enjoys tossing her toy mice around, and even better when someone will toss them for her to chase. Her adorable run is more of a trot and is very cute to watch her play. She loves a wand/string toy and the attention of interactive play. She is fully vetted above the rescue standard with a recent dental and full blood panel. She has a food allergy to poultry that went undiscovered for a long period of time. Inadvertently, her teeth were affected which resulted in tooth loss and dental extractions. She now has one cute canine and it's pearly white! She likes to show it off when she meows at you. Her mouth is clean and healthy. By eliminating poultry from her diet, she is now thriving on a diet of beef and fish. She eats wet and dry food, but she does depend on her wet food as the most tolerable digestive option. She needs someone who can maintain her feeding routine of wet food 2-3 times per day. She enjoys the availability of her dry food as a snack between meals. Rosy has been through some sad times of loss and disappointments. She is a perfect angel who just wants to feel important and deserves someone she can count on forever. She would like a home that is bright and cheerful with someone in good health who can focus on her happiness, someone who will engage her with interactive play, talk to her, show affection, and make up for lost time. She will do best as an only cat, no kids, no dogs. Her personality is calm and mellow, smart, sensitive, loyal, patient, loving and affectionate. In spite of her disappointments, she never gave up on people and has maintained her sweet, gentle nature. She is ready to love and ready to LIVE.
Photo of Moe



Male, Adult
Roseville, MI
(when grown) -
Good with kids, Spayed or Neutered,
Moe was adopted from the MI Humane Society 7-years ago when he was a kitten. We are searching for a new home because he has not been playing nicely with the one female cat in our home. He likes to cuddle, he is a little shy at first but warms up and loves to be hugged. He sleeps good, likes to watch outdoor activities, he plays with toys, he is potty trained to use the litter box.

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Underdog Cat Rescue

PO Box 46184, Mount Clemens, MI 48046

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