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Male, 12 yrs 9 mos
Tucson, AZ
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
Meet Snowy Cat, a remarkable 12-year-old Flame Point Siamese with a personality as unique as his name. Despite facing some health challenges, Snowy Cat lives life to the fullest and brings joy to everyone around him.Snowy Cat is not your average feline; he`s a special kitty on a special diet due to kidney disease. But don`t let that fool you – he`s a resilient and spirited companion. Fully blind and with some hearing challenges, Snowy has mastered the art of communication. His favorite method? Yelling! It`s like a never-ending game of Marco Polo, and he`s the reigning champion.This cat has demonstrated a remarkable tolerance for both other cats and dogs. He navigates his world with the help of pet stairs, effortlessly climbing onto the bed or exploring high places. One of his favorite pastimes is climbing between levels of adjacent condos, proving that age and blindness are no match for his adventurous spirit.Snowy Cat has a soft spot for human interaction. He enjoys being turned on his back, inviting you to tickle his tummy while he purrs contentedly. And if there`s music playing, you can catch him in your arms, swaying back and forth – his version of a dance party.Snowy is not just a homebody; he`s also a socialite with the local wildlife. When the neighbors` chickens get rowdy at dawn, Snowy engages in a vocal exchange with them, creating a symphony that could rival any morning alarm.As a true desk companion, Snowy Cat doesn`t let work hours dictate his schedule. If you find yourself working past the quitting time alarm, expect a stretch and a graceful climb onto your desk – a gentle reminder that it`s time for a break and some quality attention.Despite his health routine, Snowy Cat takes his nightly subcutaneous fluids like a champ, proving that he`s cooperative and easygoing. He even enjoys being groomed, adding a touch of elegance to his already regal appearance.One of Snowy`s more refined habits is his appreciation for PBS NewsHour. Whether he`s catching up on current events or simply enjoying the soothing voices, Snowy knows how to stay informed and cultured.

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