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Poodle (Miniature)/Maltese

Male, Young
Sidney, NE
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with kids, Good with dogs, House-trained,
Located in the Sidney NE area  Maltese fusion  2-3 years old Dog friendly ( 1 , 1 , )  Cat friendliness unknown Would be fine with kids  Food reactive with other dogs will need to be fed separately  we would say 97% house trained and doing well (he can mark every now and then but once told know he immediately stops, and smiles, and won’t do it again)  Crate trained and is currently working on  basic commands funny and such a clown Fine off leash he listens and has great recall Will need grooming so make sure you have that in your budget Fully vetted 12-15ish lbs    Are you someone who sleeps with a teddy bear? Are you someone who loves to laugh? Are you experienced with class clowns? Are you someone who wants to get the most out of every day? Do you need to smile more? If so !!! Meet Nico. Nico is some sort of small white floof known as a “designer dog,” but I don’t tell him that, he’s cocky enough. Nico is SO stinking’ cute, plus he smiles, which makes him kinda irresistible. He literally smiles at you every time you catch him doing something wrong, which is both irritating and hilarious at the same time. He does well for grooming, thank god because good luck trying to brush the little monster if he doesn’t want you to. He is also great with other dogs. In fact Nico spends a majority of his day hardcore playing with other dogs which is why he MUST have at least 1 playful dog, multiple playful dogs would be even better. Yes, he does settle down on the couch watching true crime documentaries or some Hallmark Christmas movies. He also adores a solid nap, he’s into snuggling and lounge time on someone’s lap. He did use to nip when super excited, we have eliminated that behavior but we don’t know if he will backslide when rehomed, so because of that we’re saying no young kids, we don’t want to hear about him “biting” a kid not do we want to set him up to fail in a home that doesn’t get this. . He’s an incredibly sweet boy and bouncing around from home to home isn’t an option we want for any dog but especially not for him. Nico is kinda like that annoying little brother you never wanted but now that he’s here you adore him . Sometimes he annoys dogs until they play with him, or attack him he’s down either way and thinks it’s a blasty. He absolutely LOVES to play and just have a canine playmate or playmates in the home. Further when you repremand him, for, let’s say, digging in the mud, or anything that’s unacceptable behavior, he smiles at you, HUGE SMILE, puts his fluffy ears up and sashays away with his tail doing a “queen wave” (to make sure you get the sass) consoling himself that he’s living with such obtuse humans. He likes to sleep with you and now after being in his foster for months he is happy to snuggle in and sleep through the night, on your pillow, by your head. This may transfer to his new home but if not it just takes him a bit to learn to snuggle in like a normal dog, once he’s there however there is no going back haha.  In his current foster home he doesn’t much care for the husband. His foster momma stays home and is responsible for all his care, sleeping arrangements, feedings, training etc. so that could have something to do with it. Nico doesn’t try to bite him or anything but he ignores the husband for the most part and barks at him incessantly if he tries to speak to him. It’s probably just him though, this happens somewhat regularly.  So while Nico does have some annoying quirks, some puppy behavior, he’s mischievous, sometimes doesn’t read social cues very well, can be a scamp and an instigator, yet, at the same time, he is the sweetest, funniest, cuddliest, happiest, cheekiest lil man and is so deserving of the most fantastic home and he will be extremely missed by his foster family and their dogs. He’s about 2-3 years old and is 12-15lbs. He’s fully vetted and ready to go to the most perfect family. We cannot wait to find his family because anyone worthy of this one in a million lil dude is going to be .  Please share so he can find someone who wants a lot of personality in a precious little floof package. $.   ( 5013 . , ' .) : (402)957-1578  . .  means, altered, up to date on vaccines, HW tested if applicable and on flea/tick preventative (chemical or natural, aka no buggies)    , . This means there is no place for you to go in person to view our dogs. We ask that an application be filled out and we will go from there!   , , the adopter pick the dog up in person and DRIVE or FLY ( ) the dog back at the adopters expense. We do coordinate transport.    ’ . .   ’ , . . , . Fully vetted means, altered, up to date on vaccines, HW tested if applicable and on flea/tick preventative (chemical or natural, aka sans buggies)  WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY ALL OUR DOGS ARE LOCATED IN FOSTER HOMES. This means there is no place for you to go in person to view our dogs. We ask that an application be filled out and we will go from there! We do ALLOW out of state adoptions, HOWEVER the adopter MUST pick the dog up IN PERSON and DRIVE or FLY (IN CABIN ONLY) the dog back at the adopters expense. We do NOT coordinate transport.  ##1451310##

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