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Special Needs
Photo of Cookie (PA) Adorbs!

Cookie (PA) Adorbs!

Great Dane

Female, Puppy
Utica, NY
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Needs special attention, Shots are up-to-date,
Cookie is being fostered in PA. Hi, I'm Cookie and you are about to fall in love with me. I am such a great puppy. I love to play and snuggle and give my foster mom kisses. My sister is for adoption too but I'm cuter, if I do say so myself! Everyone thinks that I was the runt of the litter but that's okay, I might be small for a Great Dane but I have a big personality to make up for it. I came to BDRA with two owie eyes that are gone now and I feel oh so much better. I can finally run around like a regular puppy and play with all my toys - and I am just a little bit spoiled with all the toys that I have! At night I like to cuddle up in bed with my foster mom and my baby blanket. Sometimes I will even suckle on it in my sleep. Other times I will sleep with one of my babies in my mouth. I don't like being put in a crate but I understand that I have to for my own safety. Just know that I am going to cry and if you live in an apartment, well, your neighbors are not going to like me very much. I am a gentle giant, I am very gentle with my toys but right now I am living with a bunch of little dogs so I don't realize how big I really am. Sometimes my big paws step on them and they don't really like that so maybe my family shouldn't have any little dogs. I just want a family to love me and someone to play with, it can be your dog, or if you don't have a dog, my sister and I get along great. We would love to stay together but don't have to be. I will play with anyone around my size. Right now I'm only 30 pounds but I have a growth spurt coming, I just know it! So those are all the great things about me but my foster mom said that I have to tell you the not so good stuff too. I am still not completely housebroken. When I wake up from a nap I really have to go potty and if you don't get me outside right away I sometimes have oopsies. I also had some tummy issues when I first came to my temporary home. My foster mom tried all types of things trying to figure it out and it seems the stress of moving away from the rest of my litter was a bit too much for me. It takes me a little while to get my tummy all settled but it does settle down. When I eat I am going to try to gobble everything up so my foster mom puts my food in a puzzle bowl that I will take with me and only gives me a little bit at a time. I don't like that very much but she says it's for my own good. After I eat I have belly resting time. My foster mom will lay down with me and rub my belly so I don't get an upset tummy. I'm a very good girl during belly resting time. My foster mom calls me Cookie Puss when I'm being good and Cookie Monster when I'm getting into all those things that puppies like to get into. I would rather chew on your shoe than a toy. If I'm not supposed to play with it, then it's my favorite thing to play with! I am also teething right now so I want to nibble on fingers, toes, your nose, anything that tastes yummy. My foster mom says that she is going to miss me very much but I deserve to live with a family that has another puppy or young dog for me to play with and even a kid or two. BDRA has voted against the use of electrical fencing effective immediately.

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