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Fox Terrier (Toy) puppies and dogs in Hamilton, Ontario

Looking for a Fox Terrier (Toy) puppy or dog in Hamilton, Ontario? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Fox Terrier (Toy) near you.

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Adopt a Fox Terrier (Toy) near you in Hamilton, Ontario

We don't see any Fox Terrier (Toy) available for adoption right now, but new adoptable pets are added every day. Try a different search below!

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These Fox Terrier (Toy) are available for adoption close to Hamilton, Ontario.
Photo of Rico


Fox Terrier (Toy) Chihuahua

Male, Young
Toronto, ON
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Rico is currently 5 years old & still has the energy of a little puppy. He loves playing with his toys and loves all the cuddles he can get! He is a very loving dog & requires attention. He would need someone he can sleep with (as that is what he’s accustomed to) & needs someone that can dedicate some time out of their day to spend time/play with him). I have taken him to the beach during summers and he loves it/loves long walks when it’s sunny outside. He is very good with other dogs & with children. Unfortunately, my schedule has gotten very busy & I have not been able to provide Rico his needs.

These pups are in Hamilton, Ontario too!

Below are our newest added Fox Terrier (Toy) available for adoption in Hamilton, Ontario. To see more adoptable Fox Terrier (Toy) in Hamilton, Ontario, use the search tool below to enter specific criteria!
Photo of PeeWee


Chihuahua Mixed Breed (Small)

Male, 1 yr 3 mos
Hamilton, ON
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Not good with kids, Good with dogs, Not good with cats, Needs experienced adopter,
BIO UPDATE. PEEWEE HAS COME A LONG WAY! Meet Peewee, this 11 month 10 lb boy is the embodiment of love and playfulness in a furry, four-legged friend. In the initial days, you will notice shyness and an air of uncertainty, as he takes refuge in his cozy crate. However, this gentle soul will warm up to the idea of companionship, forging a bond that will have him eager to be right by your side, sharing every moment of joy and laughter. Peewee has a distinctive preference when it comes to weather – not a fan of the cold, yet absolutely enamored with the great outdoors. His eyes light up with enthusiasm as he steps into the open air, running around with boundless energy. It's a delightful sight to witness, as he embraces the freedom and joy that comes with a playful romp. The crate is not just a retreat for Peewee; it's a sanctuary he adores. Throughout the day, you'll find him gracefully moving in and out, finding comfort and security in his little haven. When night falls, he willingly curls up in his crate, creating a peaceful haven for a restful night's sleep. PeeWee is not a cuddler. He likes people, but would rather play and be active and adore you from a respectful distance. What's even more impressive is Peewee's impeccable potty training. He understands the importance of maintaining a clean and orderly living space, showcasing his intelligence and cooperative spirit. In essence, Peewee is not just a dog; he's a source of unconditional love, a playful spirit that thrives on companionship, and a furry friend who brings a sense of joy to every corner of your life. Welcoming Peewee into your home means inviting a world of warmth, laughter, and the purest form of companionship. DISCLAIMER: I understand that the breed, health, age, nature or temperament of the TXCR adopted dog is not guaranteed. I understand that said dog is a rescue that has come from the streets or shelters and that there is no history on this animal PeeWee is a funny kid that will take a special someone to adore him. He kind of grows on you like a fungus, first you are like “oh lord” and then a week later he will win your heart and be your baby boy. PeeWee is apx 11 months old, and 8 pounds, does not mark, and using good potty manners here at the ranch. He is learning leash and harness but still gets scared. PeeWee came from a bad hoarding situation in Mission Texas. Other dogs we rescued from there include Kahn, Prince Emo , and Hope. PeeWee was very unsocialized before coming to the ranch. He still will not just come to a stranger but once he knows you he will let you pick him up and enjoys loves and cuddles after he gives you a hard time for a few days. He plays hard to get but is a giant baby and will not bite or be aggressive. He has a lot of machismo and puts on a good show but is really just scared baby boy acting tough but has a gooey inside 🙂 PeeWee is a mamas boy at heart. He would not be good with children and is not great with a lot of change. He needs an experienced adopter or foster willing to work with him, a fenced yard in needed. He will want to chase the cats so probably no cats. He is good with other dogs but if he feels scared or cornered by other dogs he will growl , and air nip. He would rather run but if he feels threatened by another dog and cornered he will react. He does best with female dogs . PeeWee is at a great age where he is past the puppy training, but young enough to learn neelw things and have positive changes, he just needs someone to give him a chance and if you show him your heart, he certainly will show you his. Approved adopters please send your hold requests to the email you were given. To get preapproved please visit our website to fill in an application to adopt. Approved adopters please send your hold requests to the email you were given. To get approved please visit our website to fill in an application to adopt.
Photo of Chico



Male, 8 yrs 5 mos
Hamilton, ON
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Chico is currently being fostered in Texas and will arrive in Ontario on November 18th. Chico is a little 6 pound boy, sweet as pie. His paperwork says that he is approximately eight years old but I believe that he is more like 8-10. A home hospice nurse reached out after her patient passed away with no family to care for little Chico. Another rescue closer to them was so kind to get Chico into their care and had basic vetting done before driving him to us. It takes a village. Chico must have had a dental a few years ago and probably a couple times in his life as his teeth are in pretty good shape. Chico is great with all animals, he loves other dogs and cats, but he also would be fine as an only dog. He is extremely social and friendly with all people. He does not have a mean bone in his body. He is not barky and he walks well on leash. Chico would also do fine with well mannered older children. He does have some arthritis in his rear legs, knees and hips, but his eye sight seems fantastic. I do think his previous owner took great care of him however, she unfortunately did not neuter him and he was just neutered last week, therefore, he does Mark and will need to use a belly band indoors. This bad habit of course can be trained. However, he will definitely need a belly band going to his new home for the first couple weeks until he learns not a potty in the house. He is an all around great dog aside from his naughty marking. Please give Chico a warm bed and blanket and home. He may be a bit older but he actually gets around quite well, and is always following you and exploring the outdoors. I think Chico still has a lot of years to be loved and to give love.
Photo of Maddie



Female, 4 yrs 3 mos
Hamilton, ON
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Not good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Maddie is currently being fostered in TEXAS. Maddie is apx 4 years old and weighs 7.5 pounds. A nice couple found her on New Year’s Eve. She must’ve gotten spooked by the fireworks and ran from wherever she was. The couple posted her everywhere to try and find her owners. Maddie had several dog bites on her so she must have been attacked by dogs while on the run. This was all very traumatizing for her. I am very surprised they even caught her because Maddie is extremely skittish. She has tried to nip a few times out of fear. Maddie is wonderful with dogs and cats but absolutely NO children. Maddie warms up after a few days to her person and will allow you to pick her up, cuddle her and pet her but she just needs some time to decompress. She did okay at the vets office, but we did have to burrito her in a towel. Maddie is just extremely scared but once she gets comfortable with her surroundings and her people she is 110% love bug and would like a warm, calm, loving, patient, mature, home to spend her years in. Maddie does not appear to do well with change. A fenced yard would be best unless someone is willing to use pee pads, until she is comfortable and confident walking on a leash with a very well fitted harness, with her person. She rarely barks, doesn't make a sound and uses potty pads. She loves bedding, blankets, naps and attention once she is comfortable with you. She is a very demure and shy baby but she will blossom with every kiss, cuddle and some positive praise. Approved adopters please send your hold requests to the email you were given. To get approved please visit our website to fill in an application to adopt.

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