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Milo (Angora cat) Clermont

Turkish Angora

Male, 11 mos
port Orange, FL
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
407 729 8717 ADOPT MILO! A kitty with a bushy tell and outgoing personality This adoption is NOT through Furry Nation Salvation and is a Courtesy Post. Please call the individual listed below with any further questions or to set up a time to meet the pet. Thank you. Please call/text this number if interested: 407 729 8717 I have a cat that needs home desperately as I’m moving soon .. This is Milo's story. He was found in a dumpster At fire department station at Poinciana. My niece took him in but her other cat didn’t like him and so now o have him. . I don't have the right home setting for him , I am out around 13 hours due to my job as it is far away. I am moving out Florida to live with family in another state. He's suffering and needs a stable home with love and attention. Kind of cat: Black Angora male cat He has longer fur around his neck and a bushy tail . Very beautiful. Name: Milo Food: DRY FOOD (IAMs purple bag) but I just learned why all cats need wet food to avoid costly vet bills and that info is below. Please feed him at least 3 oz. A day of wet food and limit the dry food so he won’t get kindly issues or urinary tract problems. City: Clermont, Florida He is neutered, Vaccinated, and ,microchipped Age: 11 months old Suply: Food, cage, box litter, dish My number is 407 729 8717 :::::::::::Please know that cats need canned wet food given DAILY. Why? Because cats have a low thirst drive and actually NEED the moisture from the wet food! Wet food is 75 % water (dry FOOD only 10%) and giving them wet food daily will help them avoid Urinary tract issues (which can lead to litter box avoidance), kidney disease, obesity issues linked to diabetes and cardiac issues. You will save on vet bills too! Limit the overly processed dry food and ensure cat eats all the wet food daily. At the VERY minimum each cat should get one 3oz. can of wet food a day or HALF of a 5.5oz. can a day (although we recommend double this). :::::::::::: More info here: FurryNationSalvation.Org/wetfood IF YOU WANT TO ADOPT: 1) Please show up with a cat carrier 2) Small adoption fee of: $10 3) I will call/text one month from adoption day just to make sure everything is going well 4) Please show up with your Driver's License. 5) Information sheet will be filled out (your information as well as mine) *Please know, that when you bring your newly adopted cat or kitten home, it is always BEST to place him/her in a very small room (bathroom works great) with their litter box, food, water, and bed for a few days to a few weeks. This way the animal can adjust much quicker and get acclimated to the new environment with less stress. All cats/kittens need time to adjust, so if you adopt please allow this. Thank you. Call/text me if interested in this kitty: ***** ________________________________________________________________

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Poinciana Ave, port Orange, FL 32127

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