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  • Why buy a cat for sale when you can adopt a cat? Use the form to the right to find a cat near you.
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  • Search cats in your area by color, breed and more! Before you buy a cat, adopt a cat!
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Adoption, A Smarter Option Than Buying a Cat.


No matter how "reputable" you think your local pet store is, they are almost surely getting their cats from a "backyard" cat breeder. The majority of purebred cats are the product of irresponsible "backyard" cat breeders. These are people who make some easy cash by breeding their purebred cats and they often also sell kittens through the newspaper classified ads. Remember that most of these backyard cat breeders don't know about breeding for favorable health and temperament qualities, and they don't know how to raise a properly socialized litter. Many of these little kittens are weaned from their mothers way too soon. Sometimes, a backyard cat breeder turns into small-time kitten mill to increase their supply so you can buy a kitten from a pet store and they can make a higher profit. How can you stop kitten mills? There is only one way. Take away their profits. Remember before you buy a cat, keep in mind adoption is the most humane option!