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Turkish Angora Kittens for Adoption

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Turkish Angora Cats for Adoption


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  • Facts About Cat Adoption
  • Turkish Angora Cat and Kitten Adoption Makes a Friend Forever
  • A Smarter Option than Buying Turkish Angora Kitten from a Store
  • The Benefits of Adopting an Adult Turkish Angora Cat
  • Cat Adoption is More Affordable, Cats Are Trained, Socialized & Healthy

Facts about Cat Adoption

Did you know that most cats in shelters and rescues are healthy and well-behaved, and are in the shelter through no fault of their own? Animal shelters and rescue groups are full of lovable, active and healthy adoptable cats and kittens just waiting for someone to take them home. Many people go to a pet store or Turkish Angora cat breeder looking to purchase a cat or kitten, but don't realize that they might find Turkish Angora or similar looking cat right in their local shelter. Many cats are given up when their prior owner can no longer afford the financial requirements to keep them. Other times cats are given up to shelters due to a divorce, death in the family, or new housing situation. Most cats and kittens in shelters are simply in need of a new home – they just want a safe, loving, and happy place to live!

Turkish Angora Cat and Kitten Adoption Makes a Friend Forever

Ask anybody who has ever adopted a pet, and they'll swear to you that the bond they have with their rescued animal is as deep as they come. When you open your heart and home to an adopted cat who needs help, that cat will show appreciation for the rest of his/her life! Cats who have been uprooted from their homes or have had a difficult start at life are likely to bond deeply and be completely loyal to their new human caretakers. After all, when you adopt you become their hero! This is true no matter the breed of mix of the cat. So no matter what circumstances brought a kitten or cat to be homeless, Turkish Angora cats and kittens for adoption are still loving and lovely pets, extremely affectionate and attentive, making wonderful companions.

Plus, when you adopt Turkish Angora cat or adopt Turkish Angora kitten from an animal shelter or from a rescue group, you're saving more than just one life. That's right! If you take home a cat or kitten from a pet rescue or animal shelter, you're allowing that organization to then have space for another cat. Therefore, by adopting one, there is a domino affect and you give other pets a second chance, too! Adoption is truly a continuous life-saving cycle.

A Smarter Option than Buying from a Pet Store:

Many pet stores get their cats from large breeding operations called kitten mills. What's a kitten mill? It's basically a factory farm for pets. The cats are kept in small cages and forced to breed at unhealthy rates. Female cats in kitten mills are made to have several litters per year, which is extremely dangerous, unnatural, and cruel. Kitten mills also pay little attention to the health and temperament issues related to overbreeding, issues which often cause lifetime problems in the cats. In the kitten mill business, mass-producing animals for profit is the name of the game. Remember, adoption is the most humane option!

The Benefits of Adopting an Adult Turkish Angora Cat

If you're considering Turkish Angora for adoption, you probably have a good idea of what you want. You likely have lifestyle requirements and personality wishes for your Turkish Angora cat. For instance, maybe you need to find Turkish Angora who loves dogs, or one who likes to be around other cats. This is where adopting an adult pet is such a benefit! When you adopt an adult cat from a rescue group or animal shelter, what you see is what you get. Adult cat personalities are already formed, and you'll be able to spot the characteristics you're looking for much easier than if you buy Turkish Angora kitten. Rescue organizations, and some shelters that provide pet adoption counseling are able to assess the personality of each cat, and will carefully match you up with the right cat to fit your needs. Adult pets are a known quantity.

Cat Adoption is More Affordable, Cats Are Trained, Socialized & Healthy

Even though living in a cat rescue situation isn't ideal, most rescues (and some animal shelters) try to make the cats more adjustable and adoptable. Sometimes they will expose the animals in their care to other animals in order to help socialize them, making them more playful and able to live with all types of pets. Also, many rescue organizations use foster homes. Foster homes are terrific because adoptable pets get to be socialized with children and other pets while in their temporary foster home, giving them essential experience and training before they go to their new adopted homes. This makes the transition to your home easier and smoother for both the adopted pet and you, the guardian. Whether in a foster home, a boarding situation, or a shelter, many cats available for adoption are already housebroken, litterbox trained and ready to go! This is one of the most positive aspects of pet adoption. Foster parents, have dedicated their time and energy to making pets more adoptable. Remember, you can find so many different kinds of cats in shelters, that it is worth starting there when you are looking for Turkish Angora.