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Using the power of TV to get pets out of the shelters and into homes through planned pet adoption!
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"The Save-A-Pet Show"

Drew Barrymore! Kelsey Grammer! The "Taco Bell" Dog! These are just a few of the stars turning out for our upcoming 30-minute adoption-promoting TV special, which is currently in production. The show's celebrity interviews and moving adoption "tails" will turn TV viewers into adopters by inspiring them to pick up the phone or go online to

When production is finished, the show will air repeatedly (think adoption-promoting infomercial) on cable and broadcast TV across the country via paid and donated air time. Hey, if TV can work for the "ThighMaster," the George Foreman Grill, and a bunch of psychics, it can certainly be successful for the great cause of taking shelter pets from alone to adopted, right? Whether the show airs in Washington, Wyoming, or wherever, it's all about connecting TV viewers with local homeless pets. Fun, cute and caring, "The Save-A-Pet Show" was created to help shelters, humane societies, SPCAs and pet rescue groups all across the US and Canada adopt out more pets by using the power of TV.

The show's celebrity interviews are being shot at home with the stars and their adopted pets in Hollywood and New York. Other filming locations for segments of the show include a Hollywood area shelter, the set of TV's "Frasier," a New York doggie daycare, Times Square, a California beach just for dogs, and a shelter pet adoption party under the Hollywood sign, where adopters and their pets share their happy stories for our cameras.

Pia and Pickles... What do ya know? They're hostin' the show!

Pia and Pickles. The names just go together and so do they. And together is how you'll find them hosting "The Save-A-Pet Show." Ever since Pia adopted the charming, show-stealing "your-guess-is-as-good- as-mine-mixed-breed" from a shelter, they've been like two peas in a pod. When asked about Pickles' very unique underbite, Pia says, "have you never seen a dog with tusks before? Elephants aren't the only ones with tusks."

Pia Salk is a Psychologist and pet rescue dynamo. She is an expert on the human-animal bond and has spoken and written widely on this and other animal welfare topics. Pia is also an adjunct professor, teaching on such topics as family systems and the inclusion of companion animals as family members in this paradigm. Pia's expertise and extensive involvement in animal rescue efforts have been featured on such shows as Animal Planet's Hurricane Heroes, 20/20 and The Martha Stewart Show to name a few.

Pia credits much of her commitment to making the world a better place for animals to an impressive family roster. Pia is the niece of Polio vaccine hero Jonas Salk, pioneering veterinarian Herman Salk and the daughter of bestselling author and psychologist Lee Salk.

Plucked from the pound, Pickles is a little dog with a whole lotta personality. Cute, inquisitive, with a nose for mischief, she's often occupied the role of co-therapist in Pia's work with at-risk kids. Pia affectionately refers to her as "The real therapist."

Whether Pia's introducing a segment featuring an orphaned litter of puppies, tagging along with a pet-rescuing celebrity who's making a difference, or setting up the story of one dog's journey from shelter to show biz, the very vocal Pickles is right there offering some of her own unscripted antics. With warmth and silly humor, our hosts bring us up to speed, inject heart and humor, and get in on the action to lend a helping paw.

"The Save-A-Pet Show" is a non-profit public service TV project funded entirely by donations and volunteer labor. Thanks to all the volunteers and our pet-saving celebrity pals for working to make the show a success. If you would like to help get the show on TV, which will help get pets out of the shelter, please make a tax-deductible donation. Every penny helps!