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Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project

In 2016, we joined the Shelter Animals Count program and began keeping the detailed statistics required by that program.

2017 Statistics (upcoming):

2016 Statistics (January 1 through December 31, 2016):

IntakeAdultsUp to 5 months
Stray At Large
Relinquished By Owner2
Owner-Intended Euthanasia
Transferred In19946
Other Intakes108
Total Live Intakes21154
GRAND TOTAL INTAKE (adults and puppies)265
Animal Outcomes
Live Outcomes
Returned To Owner
Transferred Out1
Returned To Field
Other Live Outcome
SubTotal Live Outcomes22450
GRAND TOTAL LIVE OUTCOMES (adults and puppies)274
Other Outcomes
Died In Care1
Lost In Care1
Shelter Euthanasia1
Owner-Intended Euthanasia
SubTotal Other Outcomes3
Total Outcomes22750