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March 2017

Now this one is truly a heartbreaker. This is the most special
little lady & when you hear her story you will understand why.
Minnie was in a shelter in CA & needed help, one of the shelter
ladies had been keeping an eye on Minnie as she knew her sad,
sad life’s story. Minnie had an owner who she clearly loved, but
she would run away from her home & the county would try to
pick him her up because every time she ran home her dad would
be cruel to her for running away from home & the cycle just kept
going on & on for many years until just recently she was finally
caught & taken to the shelter.

She was an absolute matted mess & unrecognizable from the
pictures you see today. Our lady was told, be careful as Minnie
will keep running back home to what’s she knows for the cycle
to continue. We knew, there was no way she was ever going back
 there ever again. That part of her life was over.

The truly remarkable part about this story is with Minnie who you
fall in love with after spending 2 minutes with her, you can’t believe
what she has been through yet she is still is so loving to humans &
so forgiving. Tammy Yarbrough her foster mum could not believe
after only  2 days when Minnie finally realized that nothing bad was
going to happen to her anymore showed this loving foster family
her true personality & it makes you want to just cry thinking about
how forgiving she is.

Then along came Tuffy, & what a cutie pants & Minnie’s new mum
 & dad Annette Jones & Matt Jones to change Minnie’s world. With
loving people like this & a new friend in Tuffy, this makes rescue
so much easier. We thank you ever so deeply for changing this little
ladies destiny.

Norman & his brother were being given away on FB for
free in CA, always a very scary sign when a dog is being
given away on social media as they can end up in the
hands of the wrong scary people.

The other rescue took them both into their rescue & got
Norman’s brother adopted but needed help with Norman.
We got Norman to our vets & he had giardia & we had to
get him well & treated before he could come back to WA
along with all of his shots & chipped etc.

When he was better he arrived in WA to the open arms of
the always wonderful Colleen Strubberg & her loving family
& loved Norman until his new amazing family welcomed him
to be apart of their pack. You have never before met such a
care free loving little gent.

As always we want to thank the truly outstanding foster family
& the Ford’s for loving Norman. We appreciate you. Also a huge
thank you to Frank Huber for being you.
Look at that face!


March 12, 2017

We have to say to the most dedicated Aussie cattle dog family ever Jody Aamold & her husband Jim Aamold who has the most amazing energy that Merle sensed right away, thank you, thank you thank you for giving this sweet soul of a fellow the perfect home & a fellow Aussie cattle dog brother, what more could a fella ask for?

From being in a kill shelter & dropped off by his family & needing out fast, to an over $1300 dental bill to coming back to WA to the always willing to help out & can always count on foster home of Colleen Morgan-White & Cedric White who without you guys we don’t know what we would do, thank you.  Another happy tail & this tail has really made our hearts sing  with joy. Big hugs everyone

16711899_10154110666232161_3001900229553850719_nFebruary 20, 2017

Junebug had a double cherry eye which both had to be
removed & we got her the remainder of the medical care
needed & got her well & here to WA.

As you can see from the pictures it takes the village working
together to help & save these babies, from the foster home
that can fatten any dog up, the very special Colleen Strubberg‘s
home, to our beloved friend Frank Huber transporting Junebug
to meet her new lovely mum Cathy Witt. Who we thank ever
so deeply for loving Junebug& giving her the best life ever.

Also a very special thank you to Monica Monika McComb
for always fighting for these babies.

February 20, 2017

Sweet & very smart Fran who is 11 years old ended up in a shelter &
was looking for help. We got her out, & the smell coming from Fran’s
little mouth was like nothing you had smelt before. The picture below
tells the story of the horrendous pain Fran was in & she also had holes
in the roof of her mouth which clearly needed to be fixed along with
the removal of 27 teeth. We got Fran everything that was needed &
then she was brought back to WA & into the loving & very special
foster home of Tammy Yarbrough & her husband Davids home.

Then along came Fran’s new dream dad who had been waiting for her
since he lost his very own special little rescue man who had gone to the
rainbow bridge. It was an absolute match made in heaven, so we want
to thank you Herb Williams for the gentleman you are & loving Fran &
being her everything.

February 16, 2017

What a beautiful day today was, Miss Lulu went onto her next journey
with her new mum who was/is absolutely obsessed with love
& tenderness for Lulu. Talk about make your heart sing with joy for
Lulu & her new mum Beverly. We thank you Beverly & your dedication
to rescuing Lulu & loving her.

We also want to thank Lulu’s foster mum Amy Cote-Glynn for always
 being there for these babies & a special thanks to Cari McCole as always.
It always takes a village in rescue

February 1, 2017

Brodie had the usual sad story of being on the streets in CA &
then was found as a stray & went to the shelter where we got
him from. We got him what he needed medically & brought
him back to WA & into the wonderful foster home of Tammy
Yarbrough & her very kind hearted hubby David.
Brodie was adopted & went to his new home but the next
morning he was on the run, he was out of there. So a couple
of us & the foster family spent roughly the next 5 days in the
rain, day & night searching the streets for him, to no avail &
we were not stopping till he was back with his foster family.

 It wasn’t until we received a call from a lovely lady who said
he was in her street & she had been feeding him but he would
not come to her nor would he come to anyone in the street
who tried to help him, that we now knew where he was located.
We were shocked Brodie was one very experienced traveler &
extremely street wise. He had crossed over from Burien to Seattle.

Long story short this will bring tears to your eyes, the foster
mum & dad pulled up, she got out of the truck she sat on
the road, she called Brodie, he looked her way & his whole
body language changed, & just like in the movies you could
tell from the way he went towards Tammy it was a moment
of, “is that really you?” He then sped up to be with her. We
began to cry as this was something you don’t see & the relief
we felt to have him back. We have the picture attached here
for you to see that very moment.

Brodie of course went home with the wonderful foster family
& just went to his new forever home & has not left the side of
the little boy who is his new forever. This amazing family Jackie
& David Wariboko & their 2 children are Brodie’s everything.
We are beyond grateful to this family for understanding that
Brodie is a softy & shy but such a love bug. We appreciate you.

Oh happy days, especially today for Tommy.
Tommy was sitting in a shelter on Wednesday morning,
I am sure thinking “when am I getting out of here?”.
Well Wednesday was Tommy’s lucky day along with
4 others from that same shelter. We got Tommy to
the vets, got him neutered, chipped all his shots &
everything else he needed then brought him back
to WA & straight into the arms of this amazing
family waiting for him.

We want to thank Theresa Ward & her beautiful
girls & hubby & of course Bruin the highly strung
Pomeranian for welcoming Tommy into their
hearts & home. Happy tails Tommy & of course
little Bruin.

January 28, 2017

In rescue this is the type of adoption you pray & dream about
& miracles really do come true.
Bebe & Cece were found roaming the streets & were
surrendered to the rescue by a wonderful lady. Low &
behold little Miss Cece was with puppies. We got little
Mr Bebe neutered as clearly he had already been busy.
We then brought them back to WA & the amazing Alec
Strigen & her 2 beautiful daughters yet again opened
their hearts & home to Bebe & Cece where Cece had
2 babies but her first was still born & then there was little
Miss Winnie. The cutest strong willed puppy you
have ever

When Winnie was old enough we listed everyone & wanted
Bebe & Cece to of course stay together & that was a
requirement in their adoption. A lovely couple had applied
for them both & didn’t know about Winnie, Linda & David Berg.
They said they were interested in the whole family once they
found out about Winnie to. Now the whole family is living the
dream in the same home. They adopted mum, dad & child.
Now this is the stuff that rescue dreams are made
of. This is one amazing miracle & people who truly do
have big hearts. We thank all of you from the bottom
of our hearts

January 19, 2017

Finally Boo Boo found his forever home.
Boo Boo the biggest loving sweetheart was
dumped at a high kill shelter & was beyond
skinny & so so sick. The amount of time &
money & dedication to Boo Boo to bring him
back to health took a village.
To this day this little man stuns your senses as to
how he ended up in the dreaded shelter. In rescue
some times you are so dumbfounded as to how
these babies end up being dumped like a bag of
rubbish when all they do is love you & want love &
the condition they are in.

We want to thank Colleen Morgan-White &
Cedrick White & their little daughters for loving
Boo Boo & being there for Boo Boo always & being
such a wonderful foster home.  We also want to thank
Cari McCole for also being Boo Boo’s foster mum &
simply for being a loving dog mum & for being her.
Then to Boo Boo’s new family pictured above, Martha
Scott & Adam Scott, we cannot begin to thank you
enough for opening up your hearts& home & giving
him a furry brother/friend & being his everything.

January 10, 2017

We want to say a huge thank you to 2 of the loveliest people
Lynne & Kip Lewis for giving Rosie a loving home & a sibling to
play with. As you can see from the pictures Rosie is living the dream.

We also want to say a huge thank you to the amazing foster homes
who helped this baby doll & her mum.

December 28, 2016

It always makes your heart sing with joy when
you see one of these babies come full circle.
From not just being at the last days of their
lives at the shelter but to being so extremely
ill with pneumonia & with his fur so matted
& covered with feces & urine that all we
wanted to do was keep him alive. Every
hour that goes by you are so grateful
they are holding on.

Toby was at a high kill shelter & his time
was up, & when we got him out he was sick,
very sick with pneumonia & we did not know
if he was going to make it. Well thank goodness
he did, but he had a long way to go. As always,
the biggest hearted people stepped up Terri Taylor
& Tom Taylor & they brought Toby into their hearts
& home & back to health again as you can see from
the difference in the pictures. From being all skin &
bones to a very healthy fun loving full of love & life
fluff ball. When Toby was then healthy & got his dental
done he was ready for his forever home & again thanks
to the Taylors Then came along the most loving married
couple who became Toby’s everything Phyllis & Joe
Burzotta. The love & dedication this beautiful couple
have for Toby makes you feel so great about people.
We want to thank the Taylors, we truly love you guys
 & the Burzotta’s for being you