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My Story

Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue is a registered 501(c)3.
Adoption application at www.aberdeenstr.com

***MUST SUBMIT APPLICATION before we will respond to email or phone inquiries. Thanks for your cooperation!***

Please do not contact us to come look at a dog.
We will contact you once we have reviewed your completed application if we think your home might be a good fit. A reference check, phone interview, and home visit will be completed before meeting an adoptable dog.

We work quickly. Please do not submit an application until you are ready to bring a new furry family member home. Expect your references to be contacted shortly after submitting your application. We adopt out to homes around the US and Canada, but require that you are present for the meet and greet in Renton, WA.

Our adoption fee is non-negotiable as we need these funds to cover medical bills. The adoption fee is due on the day of adoption in the form of a check, Chase QuickPay, PayPal, or cash.

Magick (Jack)

Magick, mini schnauzer, 12 months old, 11 lbs, male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, heart worm negative, dewormed, will require a special diet for the remainder of his life & for another full year will need an ultrasound every 3-4 months to check for stones.

Magick’s life already for such a very short time on this earth has been one of resilience, many, many dedicated people & a dogs will to survive.

Magick was rescued from a government owned shelter in China where the probability of how he ended up there was a breeder who did not want him & dumped him & the odds of him getting out of there without the help of the Chinese rescue were slim to non. Magick was adopted to a family through the Chinese rescue but began to have major health issues that yet were to be determined. Unfortunately the family could not afford his unexpected care with the cost involved & he was going to be euthanized & we were asked could we please help him through the Chinese rescue. Our answer was yes, let’s fight for Magick.

We also had no idea the extent of what was needed with Magick until we rushed him to our vets & onto an emergency hospital where his chance of survival was not looking good. It was discovered extremely quickly that Magick’s bladder wall had died, he had a raging infection going on with stale & infected urine inside of him, which needed to be removed, he had to many stones to count that that his internal medicine vets did not even bother to count them because the number was so high. His liver values were not great & there was the possibility of him having a shunt & he was almost blind & of course needed an emergency surgery immediately to fix what could possibly save his life. 2 things were needed here to start $12,000 & prayers. We ended up with both but the battle was not over yet, Magick spent a few days in the emergency hospital while we awaited all the test results to come back, with the surgery & continued care, along with a special diet & rare medications Magick & countless specialty vets visits & vets visits for quite a bit of time Magick become who he was always meant to be. A healthy little dog. With the care of 2 outstanding foster homes, one in CA & one gets in WA Magick’s personality begun to shine through.

Magick has needed well over $15,000 worth of medical care along with his medications & diet & so on.

None of the above has slowed this guy done one bit. He is a cheeky happy fellow that will let you know he wants lots of living and play time. He rides beautiful in a car, has loved every human he has met with his foster mom. Oh does he love to he held and snuggled. He sleeps on the bed cuddled next to you. If left home he runs to his crate and lets you know he is ready for his treats when you tell him it is time to go night night.
Magick is a vocal boy and will let you know if you are not fixing his dinner fast enough, when he wants on or off furniture or he feels you or one of his foster siblings should play with him. He loves to play with all kinds of toys but seems to prefer ones that make noise.
Though he has impaired vision nothing slows him down. He runs around the yard like a happy goof but seems to not be able to see very well close up. Sometimes he runs into things and just keeps going like nothing happened. He uses his tiny nose and mouth to figure things out. He does like to nibble on and play with fingers especially if you are petting or brushing his face. He just wants everything to be a game. He is learning he has to be gentle when he does this. He eats his special diet amazing, loves eating and gets it in a soft slow feeder dish or he will eat an entire meal in about 30 seconds. With the slow feeder it takes him 5-10 minutes. He will try to sneak into the other dogs dish if he gets done to quickly but does not like to share his dish.

This guy is truly special and his wiggly happiness is infectious. It is truly amazing with all he experienced before 1 year how trusting, loving, happy and playful he is.

In Magick’s first year of his life when he is in his new forever home he will require an ultrasound & blood work every 3-4 months to make sure he is still doing well. We recently got Magick retested & he got a clean bill of health to find his loving forever home.

When applying to adopt Magick, his medical history & future medical care needs to be considered as he will need continued re checks in his forever home & a extremely dedicated forever home so please do not apply if you are not willing to continue on with medical needs he may require.

Magick was rescued by the amazing Chinese rescue & just as always we are beyond grateful to the Chinese rescue & we are so extremely grateful for what they do day in & day out for these babies, we cannot thank you enough.

Magick has been through so very much in this very short time on this earth but he is so resilient & full of love & happiness.

Magick has been around many breeds of dogs all shapes & sizes & he is currently in a loving foster home & adores other dogs & playing with them so he needs to go to a forever home with other dogs present in the home. This is mandatory.

Magick is roughly 11 lbs, 12 months old, male & maybe a mini schnauzer, he is neutered, microchipped, up to date on his shots & heart worm negative, will require a special diet for the remainder of his life & for another year will need an ultrasound every 3-4 months to check for stones.

Magick has not been around cats since being in the rescue but it’s always up to the new family to be responsible with their animals together & we have had him around older children who are respectful to animals but we do not recommend small children but it’s always up to the family to be responsible with their children before adopting one of our rescues.

We do not know for sure what breed Magick is mixed with & it’s always up to the new potential family to look at the pictures & decide what they think her breed is.

When we rescue dogs such as Magick from China this is a very expensive process but we believe these babies are worth it.

As with all of our rescues & Magick friends he will need work on potty training & training, so this should be something the new family would be willing to work on & commit to. Please do not submit an application if you are not willing to commit to one of our rescues care for their whole life & that includes if they need training. Please do not email us asking is Magick potty trained or available, nor do we ship dogs anywhere as we will not respond.

We would never say anyone of our rescues are potty trained. Our rescues need homes where the people are understanding of their past & what they have been through & what they will need in their daily lives & not willing to give up on them & if they do need training in their new home will in fact take them to training & not just say they will when applying.

Please only submit an application if you are truly interested in adopting Magick & going through the process and have read his listing fully to the end & are interested in adopting. If you are not responsive to our calls, emails or your references do not respond we will move on & remove your application from our system. You must be willing to go through our screening process whicih includes your references being checked, a phone interview & a home visit followed by a meet and greet & if it’s a good fit, up to our discretion. We will only be accepting applications for Magick who understands his needs & that meet all the requirements for this special chap.

Once we find the right home for each little soul we work fast, within days so the dogs can go to their forever homes in quite a timely manner. We do not hold onto dogs for people as our goal is to save lives. We also cannot respond to every application unfortunately.

Magick has an adoption fee of $850 & is ready for his truly loving forever home & compassion & understanding of what he has been through.

Adoption Process

All of our dogs are in foster homes, so please fill out an application on our website to meet them in person: www.aberdeenstr.com. Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue is a 501(c)3 recognized charity. Our volunteers dedicate all their free hours to finding the best loving home for each of our dogs.