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To adopt from us, you must be at least 21 years old and financially able to take on the responsibilities of owning and caring for a dog. If you are not 21, but your spouse, partner or other family member residing with you is 21 or older, you can apply by listing that person as the applicant. (At our discretion, we may lower the minimum age requirement to 18, if an applicant can show that he or she has the resources to provide a good home and necessary care for a dog.)

We are looking for adopters who will make their dog an integral part of their families. Please be sure that everyone in the household has discussed adopting a dog and agrees that they want this dog.

If you adopt from us, you will be asked to keep your dog indoors, except for exercise, recreation and potty duties, and to provide regular preventive care, including routine vet visits, immediate emergency care when needed, and monthly heartworm prevention year-round. We also ask you to contact us immediately if, at any time, you no longer want or can no longer keep the dog. 

Our goal is to ensure a good match between applicant and dog so that, once adopted, our dogs remain in loving homes for the rest of their lives. The questions we ask in this application help us (and you) achieve that goal, so please answer every question fully and thoughtfully. However, we do consider the first two weeks after adoption to be a trial period and will refund a dog’s adoption fee if the dog is returned to us during that time.

Personal & Contact Information

About Your Home

Pet Experience

Your New Dog


Please list two personal references (not relatives)

Please review to make sure all of the information you have provided is correct and accurately reflects your circumstances. Also, BE SURE YOU HAVE ANSWERED ALL QUESTIONS WITH AN ASTERISK. Otherwise, we will not get your application. You should be taken to a confirmation page if your application has been successfully submitted.