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My Story

SNICKERS HAS CANCER. Right now, it’s confined to 3 mast cell tumors on her right front leg. But the vet says it’s an aggressive cancer. Surgery isn’t an option, and radiation or chemotherapy will probably not lengthen her life significantly. She may have a year. This wonderful 4-year-old lab mix came to Save the Strays almost two years ago. In that entire time, she only got a few inquiries and no applications. We so desperately wanted her to get a home for Christmas. Now this. If there is ANYONE out there who has the heart to give Snickers a real home for whatever time she has left, we will waive her adoption fee. We just want her to be loved as a real family member before she crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Please consider giving Snickers a home.

Adoption Process

We are a home and foster care-based rescue, with no shelter facility or employees. Because our rescue dogs live in private homes, we ask those interested in adopting from us to complete our application as the first step in our process and only set up an appointment to meet the dog(s) in which they are interested after they are approved to adopt. Please email info@savethestrays.org to request an application.