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10672094_281832608674490_8353072779411573511_nEndeavors such as SFARN usually begin from a profound personal experience that results in an incessant urge to act in order to make a change.  It has been said that only when one has loved an animal does a certain part of the soul awakens… and that is exactly what happened to the founder of SFARN.

On September 9, 2014 Barbara headed to the local kill shelter with the intention of adopting a Boxer, what had been her favorite breed since she was a little girl. When she got there the boxer had already found a home but not wanting to leave empty handed she decided to take a walk across the adoption hallways. It was then when she came upon a pudgy, brown, and seemingly hopeless English Bulldog named Walter.

That day she put hope back in the eyes of that sad English Bulldog and began her mission to SAVE LIVES and make a difference in the communityWalter became the first of hundreds of animals rescued by SFARN.