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Mandy and his father Lenny were confiscated from their owner in February 2015 and they spent over 2 months at the shelter while the case was being settled in court. During that time they went through hell and back until they were finally up for adoption. No one showed interest in them and in the last hour SFARN decided to give them another chance. Since then, their physical wounds have healed but their lack of socialization took a toll on them and unfortunately, they don’t get along with other dogs which has made their adoption nearly impossible. SFARN has decided to give them a forever home at the ranch but we need your help to cover their monthly expenses and make sure all their needs are covered. If you are interested in sponsoring Mandy or/and Lenny please CONTACT US . We will help you setup your generous monthly donation at whichever level you choose. We THANK YOU in advance for being a part of their journey.

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