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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Minnesota-based animal rescue organization which strives to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals by finding them loving forever homes. The Rescue Crew was established specifically to fill a need in the local Twin Cities metro area to help shelter animals facing imminent risk of euthanasia without rescue support.

OUR MISSION: We are here to help save the lives of companion animals in need. Those who are homeless; the abused or abandoned; the neglected and unloved, and to show them human compassion and kindness, ultimately helping them become valued family members in a loving home.

OUR VISION: We envision the day where every adoptable animal has the opportunity of finding a responsible, loving home. A world where pets are no longer mistreated, abused or abandoned.

3500 Vicksburg Lane N., #220
Plymouth, MN 55447
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3500 Vicksburg Lane N., #220

Plymouth, MN 55447

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The State of Minnesota - primarily the seven counties comprising the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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We want to be sure that the adoption process is as smooth and positive an experience as possible. Our animals are in foster homes and we do everything we can to learn as much about their likes and dislikes, temperament and activity level as we can while in our care. By doing so, it enables us to work more closely with a potential adopter to help ensure a "good fit." The adoption process might take a bit longer than adopting from a shelter, but our ultimate goal is finding a match that benefits not just the animal, but also the family interested in adopting.

We are looking to let our adopters chose the speed of the adoption process. To start the process, we require that an adoption application be completed. Once submitted, we will connect with you to discuss the type of animal you're looking for, your lifestyle and home environment, and what the best fit may be. At times, we may request to conduct a home visit, which can often be done in tandem with what we refer to a "meet and greet" where you have the opportunity to meet and interact with the animal(s) you're interested in adopting. Ad part of our process we conduct background check on all applicants, will check personal and vet references also. Our goal is always the proper placement for any adopted animal, which may mean that the animal you originally are interested in may turn out to not be the best fit, but we will work with you to find a better match. Adoption fees include spaying/neutering of all animals, age appropriate vaccinations ad microchipping and range anywhere from $80-$175 for cats and $200-$450 for dogs.

Prior to finalizing adoptions we require a signed Contract & Agreement which includes an understanding that if for any reason the animal does not work out that you will return them back to The Rescue Crew.

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