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JMM Rescue has been rescuing for about 5 years. We have both always had a passion for animals and went from networking to actual rescuing. We are foster based rescue with most of our dogs and puppies fostered in So Cal and then adopted in Oregon. We pull from shelters, but also do street rescue and owner surrenders. We emphasize the importance of spay and neuter as well as training on our Facebook page. We have a goal of becoming a 501c3, but have not yet started the process. We find that there is a significant issue with overpopulation in California that does not exist on the same level in Oregon, and together we have been able to save 100s of dogs and get them into good homes. We strive to be a humble part of the rescue village and greatly value our fosters, adopters, and other supporters.

Lebanon, OR 97355
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Adoptable pets at JMM Rescue

We'll also keep you updated on Jax aka Jackson's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Jax aka Jackson

Jax aka Jackson

American Staffordshire Terrier/Labrador Retriever

Male, Adult
Lebanon, OR

Rescue FAQs

We are based in Menifee, CA and Lebanon, OR. Our dogs are generally in foster in Southern California and only come to Oregon once we have located and approved an adopter or potential adopter. We adopt to California, Oregon, and Southwest Washington.

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Additional adoption info

We get and approve an online application. Do a home check and then adopt out on an adoption contract that includes a clause that the dog comes back to us if the adopter can not keep. Our fees include spay/neuter, microchip, core vaccinations (DAPP and rabies), transport, and access to online training videos.

Pets at shelters & rescues near JMM Rescue


Eugene, OR 97402

We'll also keep you updated on Rusty's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Rusty


Chihuahua/Mixed Breed (Medium)

Male, 14 yrs
Corvallis, OR
We'll also keep you updated on Edison JC's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Edison JC

Edison JC

Domestic Shorthair

Male, 1 yr 1 mo
Salem, OR
We'll also keep you updated on Allie JR*'s adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Allie JR*

Allie JR*

Labrador Retriever

Female, 1 yr 3 mos
Salem, OR
We'll also keep you updated on Tiara's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Tiara


Australian Cattle Dog/Mixed Breed (Medium)

Female, 1 yr 11 mos
Eugene, OR
We'll also keep you updated on Checkers HP's adoption status with email updates.
Special Needs
Photo of Checkers HP

Checkers HP

Domestic Shorthair

Female, 2 mos
Salem, OR
We'll also keep you updated on Nadia's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Nadia


Domestic Shorthair/Mixed Breed (Medium)

Female, Senior
Corvallis, OR

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