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Who we are....
Buffalo Underdogs Rescue is an all-breed, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization. BUR saves dogs in Western New York as well as from a rural kill shelter in Eastern Texas. We pull dogs from shelters and transport them to their awaiting foster homes, in the Buffalo area. We provide a safe home environment for our dogs while they receive necessary vetting, begin the process of training and socialization and prepare them to become members of a loving family.

We believe with your help, these underdogs can become top dogs!

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Rescue FAQs

Buffalo, NY and the surrounding Western NY community, within approx 45-60 minutes of zip code 14226 (US only)

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Meet the Pet
  • 3. Home Check
  • 4. Sign Adoption Contract
  • 5. Pay Fee
  • 6. Take the Pet Home

Additional adoption info

What is your adoption process?

After our dogs are listed for adoption on Facebook and our website, you can apply online for the dog you are interested in meeting.

*Buffalo Underdogs Rescue does not operate on a “first come, first served” basis.

Our primary concern is that the dogs in our care go to the home that is best suited for them.* The foster parent of the dog will view all of the applications that are submitted for their foster dog. They will select the applicants that seem to be the best fit and call their personal and vet references. If your application appears to be the best fit for their foster dog, they will then contact you to set up a meet and greet at your house. They will also discuss the adoption requirements during this initial call.

*Note: All members of the family must be present at the meet and greet.*

If all goes well at the meet and greet, and the foster and family feel that this is the best fit, arrangements will be made to complete the adoption. In order to adopt, you must have an appropriately sized collar (or harness, if required), leash and a dog tag with your telephone number.

What happens at a meet and greet?

For every dog/puppy, we require a meet and greet in your home, with all members of the family, including cats and dogs, present. If you have any dogs, the foster will ask you to bring your leashed dog(s) outside to the edge of your property to meet on “neutral territory”. You will take a quick walk (in the neutral territory), so that the dogs are aware of each other’s presence. After the walk, you can let them sniff each other, and if all goes well, even let them play together if you have a fenced yard (leaving the leashes on). After a short while, if they are still interacting positively, then the foster will take the new dog into your home to see how your dog tolerates the new dog indoors. Sometimes, these relationships take time to build and dogs need time to find their place in the pack. If you or the foster are unsure whether this dog will be a good fit, a second meet and greet can be arranged. This is at the discretion of the foster, as they know their dog’s personality best. If this particular dog isn't a good fit for some reason, that doesn’t mean you cannot adopt a different Underdog!

What is required in order to adopt a dog/puppy from you?

Our fosters will not leave their foster dog in the new adoptive home until the new owners have a leash, collar/harness that fits and dog tag for the new dog with the new owner contact information.

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