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Rescuing Cujo

PO Box 81, Jamul, CA 91935

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Areas Rescuing Cujo serves

San Diego County

Rescuing Cujo's adoption process


Submit Application

The adoption application is the first step in our Adoption process to determine if the adoption is a good fit.


Meet the Pet

An appointment is made to come visit the dog at the rescue in one of our meet and greet locations.


Home Check

We conduct home checks to make sure the home/yard is adequate for the safety and security of the dog.


Sign Adoption Contract

Once the home/yard check is completed and approved, a date is set for the dog to be delivered to its new home, where the contract is signed.


Pay Fee

The adoption donation is accepted on the same day the dog is delivered and the adoption agreement contract is signed.

Additional adoption info

Most of our adoptions take place is a week or less after receiving an adoption application.

Adoption application

About Rescuing Cujo

We are a dog rescue that operates out of a private shelter. We save all breeds, all sizes. We operate on 20 acres in a rural environment. We have 3 dog parks which each dog gets to play in twice a day for 30-45 minutes. We also have a pathway on the property, and our dogs are walked twice a day on that pathway. Each of our indoor kennels are 4' x 8', and have an attached small outside area for the dog to use. Our shelter has air conditioning and heating to help keep the dogs in a comfortable climate year round. Each of our dogs have a bed in their kennel 24 hours a day, so they don't have to sleep on the concrete floor.

Rescuing Cujo's adopted pets

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