Pet Project Foundation Animal rescue in San Clemente, CA

Lost and abandoned animals have a second chance at a good life– thanks to the Pet Project Foundation. The mission of the Pet Project Foundation is “to enhance the quality of life of all companion animals in a pro-humane manner through compassion, responsibility, education and service”. Nowhere is this mission better exemplified than through our ongoing support of the shelter. This special shelter provides food, housing, exercise, medical care, and love for homeless animals until they are reunited with their owners or permanent, loving homes are found.

Over 38,000 animals have come through our shelter where they are safely housed and loved until permanent homes can be found. Our pro-humane philosophy ensures that no adoptable animal will ever be euthanized, regardless of how long it takes to find them a new home. This philosophy comes at a price, however. It is through both the dollars and volunteer-man-hours donated by the Pet Project Foundation that we’re able to preserve our pro-humane approach.

In addition to supplying funding for ALL food and medical care at the shelter, PPF also has contributed dollars for retractable awnings over the dog kennels, a new industrial laundry room, addition of a special area for rabbits (the Rabbitat), upgrades to the medical treatment room, and improvements to the cat room. PPF also contributes a significant portion of the funding for the kennel attendants’ salaries, and underwrites a program for residents of San Clemente and Dana Point whereby pet owners can be reimbursed for a portion of the cost of having their dogs, cats or rabbits spayed or neutered. PPF also recently funded the hiring of a full-time trainer for our shelter dogs to ensure each dog receives positive reinforcement training through treat and praise prior to adoption.

Pet Project Foundation volunteers log over 26,000 hours of service at the shelter each year. These dedicated volunteers walk dogs, calm the fears of anxious cats, hop and groom rabbits, and perform a host of administrative tasks - along with dozens of other activities needed to help keep the shelter in operation. It is through the help of these volunteers – and the generous support of residents and businesses in our communities – that we can ensure the care and comfort of these animals.

Come visit the shelter that was voted “Best Place to Adopt a Pet” by Orange Coast Magazine. See for yourself the wonderful care these homeless animals receive – and just maybe you’ll find a new friend and companion in the process!

221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672
Our hours are:
Monday = CLOSED
Tuesday = 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Wednesday = 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday thru Saturday = 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday = 12 noon to 3:00 PM
The kennels close 15 minutes prior to the shelter closing.

The address is: 221 Avenida Fabricante
Directions to the shelter are:
From the 5 fwy. head east on Ave. Pico [1.6 miles]
Right on Avenida La Pata [1.3 miles]
Right on Calle Extremo [0.4 miles]
Right on Ave. Fabricante [0.2 miles]

Total Est. Time: 10 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 3.72 miles

Voted "Best Place to Adopt a Pet"
221 Avenida Fabricante
San Clemente, CA 92672
Address Map

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Voted "Best Place to Adopt a Pet"
221 Avenida Fabricante
San Clemente, CA, 92672

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Rescue FAQs

San Clemente and Dana Point ONLY

Additional adoption info

Come visit the shelter that was voted “BEST PLACE TO ADOPT A PET” by Orange Coast Magazine.

We do not adopt to the first application in, but to the BEST HOME for the pet. Sorry, we do not ship.

All our cats, dogs, and rabbits have been spayed/neutered and are current on their vaccinations. Cats are $100, Dogs are $125, Rabbits are $45, Rats are $10, for Birds/Snakes/Lizards call for a quote.

Adoptions include a "New Owner" folder full of good information, 1-free (from list) Veterinary basic health examination within 5 days of adoption, and microchip.




PHONE: 949-492-1617 FAX: 949-366-4765

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