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Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue

ROVER KENNELS ON MAIN STREET, 2116 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90402

Contact Randee Goldman
Phone (310) 745-4272
dogs at Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue

Areas Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue serves

We prefer placing locally in LA and Orange Counties, however, we will consider adoptions in Northern California and San Diego. We do not ship our dogs out of state.

We hold our adoptions every Sunday at

Sunday -- 11am-2:30pm

See our website for more information

Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue's adoption process

Additional adoption info

How do I start the adoption process to adopt from Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue?

If you are interested in any of the pups at Lhasa Happy Homes, the first step is to complete the application. Until we know a little about you and what you are looking for, it is impossible for us to tell if a dog is right for you and your family.

Once your application has been reviewed and hopefully approved, we will contact you (either by phone or by email) to discuss this adoption further and to set up a time to meet the animal of your choice. You might find us a bit "invasive" with the questions you are asked…that's why they often call us the "Benevolent Lhasa Nazis." Our only objective is to make the perfect match, and we truly go that extra mile in search of exceptional homes for our little furry friends. Each has their own unique personality and characteristics. Their lives have been interrupted for one reason or another, and it's our job to make certain wherever they go next is the last time they will have to move! We endeavor to match the pup with what you are looking for so that they are yours forever more! We do not adopt to families with children under 5 yrs old; generally not under 8 yrs old and we rarely adopt out of state.

The goal here is to make sure the home is secure and that the dog is not likely to get out and lost again! This will either be arranged prior to or after you have met the dog you are interested in. We may, at our discretion, accept photos of your home in lieu of a home visit.

Pay a donation (adoption donation starts at $200-400). The donation includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, grooming, vet check, deworming, defleaing, leash/collar/ID tag and microchip. Then take home your new child!

We would be honored to help you find
your new family member.

About Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue

Lhasa Happy Homes is a private rescue and foster care organization, created for the safe haven and permanent placement of homeless pups, primarily Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Pomeranians and other small mixed breeds. Each of the dogs who come to Lhasa Happy Homes is cared for in a home-like environment, with an abundance of love, attention and special care. These dogs have been through a lot...and it is our objective to make them feel secure, safe and protected... so that when they are placed in their forever homes, they will stay there!

We are NOT a shelter. We rescue from the Los Angeles city and county shelters, and Orange County shelter. We accept Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Maltese and Pomeranian owner turn-ins who are need of re-homing for whatever reason (to save them from even a temporary stay at a shelter).

We advocate the spaying and neutering of all animals -- no pup will be adopted from this organization before he/she has been altered. We also treat these pups as if they were our own, providing them with care, attention, a loving environment and rehabilitation, when necessary, to prepare them for their forever homes.

We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization. The adoption fee for each pup goes towards subsidizing the expenses involved in preparing the pups for adoption. This includes altering, grooming, de-worming, flea treatment, medical attention, prescriptions, vaccinations and home delivery. Transport, where/when applicable, is not included.

Our utmost goal is to adopt to humans who will provide the perfect "forever" home for these little furbabies -- wonderful animals who deserve a second chance at a great life.

Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue's adopted pets

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