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Liberty Humane Society

235 Jersey City Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07305

Contact Daria Benstead
Phone (201) 547-4147
cats & dogs at Liberty Humane Society
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Areas Liberty Humane Society serves

LHS is contracted with the cities of Jersey City and Hoboken to take in and house all strays from Jersey City and Hoboken. We adopt out animals to any good home in the United States!

Liberty Humane Society's adoption process

Additional adoption info

Potential adopters must meet with the animal they are interested in adopting first, and then fill out the adoption application. If you rent your home, we need to see your lease or get permission from your landlord before adopting a pet.
Adoption fee's - cats - $120.00 - includes, spaying/neutering, FVRCP, Feline Aids/Leukemia test, worming medication, a 5 lb. bag of dry cat food and one month free pet health insurance.
Dogs - $175.00
Includes DHLPP, bordetella and rabies vaccines, microchipping, one month free pet health insurance and pre- and post-adoption counseling if necessary with a certified dog trainer.
All adopters must sign an adoption contract stating that you will properly care for the animal and return it to us if there is a problem

About Liberty Humane Society

Sandwiched between the Turnpike, the Liberty Science Center and a sewage plant, our little facility (not much more than a converted garage) is filled to the brim with people who care about animals. Our committed staff and amazing volunteers work hard every day to offer the best possible life for the animals unfortunate enough to lose their homes - until they can move on to their forever families.

Our little garage has served us well, but in order for us to go on providing much needed services to the animals and people of Jersey City, Hoboken, and beyond, we need to expand. In addition to continuing to provide the housing, daily care, basic medical care, and adoption services we have in our current facility, the expanded building would contain additional housing for dogs and cats, an on-site veterinary clinic, offices, training facilities, and public spaces.

Just think of it. A progressive shelter in an area that is easy to get to, with plenty of parking and room to grow. Equally important, the shelter will continue to be managed by experts committed to ending animal overpopulation and irresponsible ownership.

Won't you join our efforts to make Jersey City a better place for homeless pets? Learn more about the shelter and its residents on this website, and browse the volunteer opportunities listed. If you value what we do and really want to support us, consider making a donation. Together, we can make a difference.

We provide many services to the community including: low cost spaying/neutering, TNR (Trap, Neuter Release) fund, free pet food for needy families, Pet Loss Support Group, pet adoptions and our PAL (Pitbulls Are Loving) Training program. It is well known that training shelter dogs makes them more attractive potential family members to adopters, prepares them for a happy, respectful life in their new homes, and provides adopters with the tools to build loving and respectful relationships with their new dogs. P.A.L. volunteers, led by certified dog trainer Laura Garber, CPDT-KA, of WoofGang, LLC, conduct weekly training sessions with shelter dogs that target the particular needs of each dog. The program also involves doing pre- and post-adoption counseling as well as education and outreach about pitbulls.

LHS is always looking for well qualified all animal lovers to volunteer at the shelter as well as special events and off-site adoption events. Please visit our website and download our volunteer application to get started today!

Liberty Humane Society's adopted pets

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