Forgotten Cats, Inc. Cat rescue in Greenville, DE

Founded in 2003, Forgotten Cats, Inc. is the leading trap, neuter, vaccinate, return (TNVR) nonprofit in the region. Servicing Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey, Forgotten Cats specializes in TNVR in order to humanely reduce the homeless cat population. Valuing all lives, Forgotten Cats is a no kill organization.

Forgotten Cats’ TNVR services involve working with colony caregivers to identify all cats within a colony, after which we trap, transport, sterilize, vaccinate, recuperate, and return feral cats to caregivers. Our goal is to stabilize each colony and ensure zero population growth. We achieve this by trapping and sterilizing every single cat in the entire colony.

About 20 percent of the cats that enter our clinics each year are not feral. Stray cats, or homeless domesticated cats, and feral kittens under 12 weeks old, are held and placed into our adoption network. With ten off-site adoption centers, our dedicated staff and volunteers work hard to prepare our cats for adoption and ensure they go to loving, forever homes.

Forgotten Cats serves the community by offering affordable TNVR services, low cost spay/neuter services for pet & stray cats, and spay/neuter education.

Forgotten Cats has over 700 volunteers that are committed to helping this organization fulfill its mission. We receive no government funding, and depend solely on private donations, grants, fundraising events, and bequests to complete our mission.

Since 2003, Forgotten Cats has sterilized over 130,000 cats across the region, which has prevented the birth and suffering of millions of kittens. Additionally, we have placed over 14,000 cats into loving, forever homes. At our no-kill clinic/shelters, we welcome the FIV+ & FeLV+ cats, the blind, the 3-legged, the lost, those that have been abused, and those that have been abandoned. We offer love and hope to the Forgotten Cats from all walks of life.

We envision a day when kittens are no longer born on the streets but rather in loving homes to responsible owners.

Our mission is to humanely reduce the homeless cat population and to stop the suffering of the thousands of kittens born to abandoned, homeless cats.

Not quite sure you are ready to be a full-time cat parent? Please consider our foster program! You can care for a cat/kitten for as little as two days, a couple of weeks, or longer. It's up to you. Please contact us!

4023 Kennett Pike
Suite 422
Greenville, DE 19807
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4023 Kennett Pike
Suite 422
Greenville, DE, 19807

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Rescue FAQs

Our TNVR serves Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Approve Application
  • 3. Meet the Pet
  • 4. Sign Adoption Contract
  • 5. Pay Fee
  • 6. Take the Pet Home

Additional adoption info

All cats offered for adoption have been spayed or neutered, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, dewormed and have received rabies and distemper vaccines.

During the application process, our volunteers will check vet info, medical history and rental contracts, if applicable, and personal references. Please allow up to 5 days for us to process your application.

Every cat has received at least $400.00 worth of medical treatment. Our modest adoption fees are:

$120.00 for 1 kitten
$210.00 for 2 kittens
$145.00 for 1 kitten and 1 adult
$60.00 for 1 adult cat under 7 years old
$90.00 for 2 adult cats under 7 years old
$50.00 for 1 adult cat over 7 years old or with special needs
$80.00 for 2 cats over 7 or with special needs

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Adoption application

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