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A Cat and Dog's Friend Rescue

P.O. Box 907, Lorton, VA 22199

cats & dogs at A Cat and Dog's Friend Rescue
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Areas A Cat and Dog's Friend Rescue serves

Northern Virginia, DC Metropolitan Area (DMV)

A Cat and Dog's Friend Rescue's adoption process

Additional adoption info

All adoption application must be approved to adopt an animal. Check out our website to view available animals and to submit an adoption application. Please email us for any questions.

About A Cat and Dog's Friend Rescue

A Cat and Dog's Friend, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit all volunteer organization whose mission is to provide the best possible care for feral and abandoned animals living outdoors or in shelters. We care for over 150 cats and kittens outside every day, have several animals in foster care that we have rescued.

Our mission is:

To provide care for feral and abandoned cats and their kittens and reduce their population through spay/neuter and adoption.
To provide food, shelter and veterinary care to abandoned and homeless animals. And rescue animals from municipal or private kill-shelters.
To humanely trap, sterilize, vaccinate and release felines whom humans have abandoned.
To provide feline-care assistance to feline guardians in need.
To educate the public about the needs of companion animals, and the impact of human actions on those needs.
To distribute contributions to other similar 501(c) (3) organizations who are exempt from taxation under section 501(c) (3) of the IRS Code.

A Cat and Dog's Friend Rescue's adopted pets