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My name is Lissette and I am a singer-songwriter and an animal lover. I have been rescuing animals most of my life but we finally got my own foundation Fur Angels Rescue, to help animals even more. We have rescued more than 500 animals in the last 3 years. We are a network of devoted people who have a passion for helping animals. We find responsible people who want to adopt pets for companionship or to share with their families these wonderful fur angels.

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16262 SW 53 Terr
Miami, FL 33185
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16262 SW 53 Terr

Miami, FL 33185

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My name is Lissette and I have been loving and rescuing animals since I was a little girl this is why I developed Fur Angels Rescue, a non profit foundation to help the animals. We have rescued more than 500 animals in the last 4 years and our mission is to help abandoned, neglected and abused animals find "furever homes". Fur Angels Rescue is not a shelter; we are a network of devoted people who have a passion for helping animals. We find responsible people who want to adopt pets to share their lives with their families. We also help create an awareness of the abuse and neglect of animals and the joy that rescuing an abandoned animal brings to a home.

The animals we help are usually found on the streets, kill shelters and abusive homes and we find foster homes until they are permanently adopted. Your donations will help to pay for spay and neutering, veterinary care, medicines, foster homes, food, flea, tick and heart worm medication, beds, toys, etc. We promote an awareness for the need to spay and neuter animals to help avoid over population of unwanted pets.

Most animal rescue volunteers have "regular jobs", we all donate our time efforts for the love of animals.

If you would like to help donating you can do it by clicking the donate icon on our website Your donation is tax deductible and even any small contribution helps!

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We require an application filled, you can download the application from our website and email or you can call us at 786 368-8005 or call our adoption coordinator Gigi Borden at 305 934-1697 We will send you an application by email or fax.. We don't adopt out of state or the area where we can go by car to visit the home. A home visit is required and a donation to our rescue to keep saving more fur angels.

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