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Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services

Raleigh, NC 27613

dogs at Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services
This rescue hasn't posted any pets that match these criteria.

Areas Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services serves

Peaceful Paws is a small rescue serving giant dogs in southeastern PA, Southern NJ, Northern DE, MD and Raleigh-Durham NC area. We provide loving, compassionate, permanent homes for SENIOR & HOSPICE CARE giant breed dogs through end of life, whether that be days, months or even years.

Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services's adoption process

Additional adoption info

Peaceful Paws has a simple adoption process, explained below.

First, You Should Know

1. Peaceful Paws does not adopt to families with children under 10 years of age.
2. We rarely have puppies under 9 months of age in rescue. It happens occasionally but it is rare.
3. We do not adopt to renters unless there are special circumstances.
4. We rarely have dogs who are highly social with people AND dogs AND cats.

Now, onto the process...
1. Complete an application to adopt online at or email to have an application mailed to you.

2. A volunteer will call you to talk to you about your expectations and explain how the adoption process works.

3. Should both of you wish to proceed, we'll either arrange to visit your home first or we'll arrange for you to visit a dog that matches your family.

4. Then we'll switch that around, and either you'll visit a dog that matches your family or we'll arrange for a dog to visit your home.

During this time, we're available to answer any questions you may have.

Adoption Donation
Peaceful Paws asks for a donation at the time of adoption to help defray the many expenses of running a rescue, including administrative, medical, behavioral, general and emergency costs. In return, we make sure the dog is spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, up to date on vaccinations and given a clean bill of health (or disclose any known issues). On average, we spend $350 or more on a dog in our program.

6 months or younger - $400
6 months to 7 years of age - $350
over 7 years of age - not available for adoption, in permanent homes to avoid disruption and further trauma

About Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services

Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services focuses on providing SENIOR & HOSPICE CARE giant breed dogs (primarily GREAT DANES & ENGLISH MASTIFFS) compassionate care and loving permanent homes in the last days, weeks, months or years of their lives. We focus on quality of life, and making our companions comfortable and happy.

As part of our core focus, educating the public about the appropriate way to interact with and care for giant breed dogs as well as providing information about giant dog breeds is key to decreasing the need for rescue in the future.

Peaceful Paws is an all volunteer rescue organization with seasoned volunteers and foster homes who have been involved in giant breed rescue for multiple years. Volunteers volunteer not only their time but also their resources and expertise.

Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services's adopted pets