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Miami County Animal Shelter

1110 North County Road 25A, Troy, OH 45373

Phone (937) 332-6919
cats & dogs at Miami County Animal Shelter
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Areas Miami County Animal Shelter serves

The Miami County Animal Shelter is a county operated dog control agency dedicated to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Miami County and to the safety, welfare and humane treatment of animals.
We are a NO KILL shelter.

Miami County Animal Shelter's adoption process


Visit the Facility and Find a Pet

Come in a visit with the animal to make sure you each like each other.


Submit Application

We do check on the auditors site to confirm you own your home. If you do not then we speak to the landlord to make sure pets are allowed.


Approve Application

We will approve the application to those that fit the criteria for our process. We do require a fenced in yard on some dogs.


Meet the Pet

We do require a meet n greet if you have other dogs. You bring your dog in and meet the dog you are interested in.



Additional adoption info

DOGS $96.00 & CATS $45.00

All dogs adopted will be given their first parvovirus/distemper and bordetella shot. Also they will receive dewormer medicine.

The $16.00 license fee is included in the above fees.
The $96.00 fee includes a $30.00 neuter deposit, All pets adopted are required to be neutered by the Vet of your choice within 45 days from the date of adoption or when the puppy/kitten reaches 6-7 months of age.


With each pet adopted, you will receive a coupon for a free health examination at the Vet of your choice within Miami County.

HOLD POLICY No applications will be accepted on any dog that is within the 3-day holding period.

CATS $45.00

All cats adopted will be given their first distemper shot and first dose of dewormer medicine.
The neutering requirements and the free health exam coupon are the same as above.

Rescue Policy - The Miami Co. Animal Shelter is very happy to work with rescue groups however the following policy will apply. Our first priority is to place a pet in a good, permanent home. Rescue groups will be considered.
Rescues may put their name on a dog and if the dog is not adopted in a timely manner and depending on space availability at the shelter, they will be called if we need them to adopt the dog. Shelter management will decide at what point a dog will be placed in rescue.

About Miami County Animal Shelter

The Miami County Animal Shelter:

•Takes in stray and unwanted dogs
•Provides lost and found service
•Adopts out dogs and cats to new homes
•Sells dog licenses
•Enforces all state and county dog laws

We do NOT take in feral cats. We will not euthanize them either. We are a no kill shelter. We do not have a vet on staff so we are not able to take in sick or injured cats either. Please contact a local animal rescue for assistance with sick, injured or feral.

Miami County Animal Shelter's adopted pets