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Laramie Animal Shelter

1064 N. 5th St., Laramie, WY 82072

Phone (307) 721-5385
cats, birds, dogs, rabbits, reptiles & small animals at Laramie Animal Shelter
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Areas Laramie Animal Shelter serves

The Laramie Animal Shelter provides temporary housing to surrendered, impounded and found animals from Laramie, Wyoming and Albany County. We are an open admission facility and we will accept any pet from those jurisdictions free of charge.

Laramie Animal Shelter's adoption process


Meet the Pet

Visit the shelter in person to meet the pet you might be interested in adopting.


Submit Application

File an adoption application during your visit. Applications must be submitted in person.


Sign Adoption Contract

Once an application has been submitted and approved then the pet is scheduled for spay/neuter and will go home on the day of the procedure.

Additional adoption info

Adopting a new friend and companion from the Laramie Animal Shelter is simply the best, most responsible way to add a companion animal to your life.

If you see someone you are interested in, stop by the Shelter and a member of our staff will be happy to help you get acquainted.

Our Adoption fees are very reasonable:

Dogs and Cats = $40 All Other Pets = $10

All dogs, cats and rabbits adopted from the Laramie Animal Shelter are spayed or neutered at no cost with the help of the Laramie Animal Welfare Society. All dogs, cats and ferrets come with a microchip for permanent identification We provide a free first city license for adopted dogs, cats and ferrets and free collars and tags for both dogs and cats. If the Shelter provided a rabies vaccination for the dog, cat or ferret being adopted, there will be an additional $20 fee for that vaccination at the time of adoption.

About Laramie Animal Shelter

The primary objective of the members of the Laramie Division of Animal Control and Welfare is to provide quality service to citizens, while dedicating themselves to improving the co-existence of animals and humans.

We shall provide humane law enforcement throughout the City of Laramie and by example and through education, we shall promote and advance responsible, humane companion animal ownership.

We will provide the highest quality care for the displaced animals of our community and will make every effort to secure compassionate, responsible, permanent homes for the adoptable animals in our care.

Laramie Animal Shelter's adopted pets