Redwood Coast Cattledog Rescue Dog rescue in Redwood City, CA

Rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cattle dogs in need, mostly from underserved areas of California; assist with networking of these dogs so hopefully more cattle dogs are rescued and on their way to a better life. Aid in education about the breed for owners and prospective owners and provide resources and referral to trainers, classes and activities suitable for the breed so that problems are solved or prevented which means less cattle dogs in shelters in need of rescue. Aid in rehoming cattle dogs from private owners when possible; Build a community of support and concern for the plight of cattle dogs in shelters with ways to volunteer to help the cause; give an overview of what rescue is and how complex and difficult it can be and how every single person who contributes in any small way makes a difference; share the many enjoyable aspects of cattle dogs and their abilities and the many jobs and activities they do.

Redwood City, CA 94002
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Labrador Retriever

Female, Adult
Redwood City, CA

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We often have dog in foster in various locations throughout California. We list their locations in their bio.

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Additional adoption info

Our adoption fees range from $100 to $300.
We ask for an application, follow up with a phone interview and go from there. Process includes references check, meet and greets, and when a great match is found, adoption. We have a dynamic foster to adopt program. Our goal is a great match with family and dog(s).

All dogs are altered, vaccinated, heartworm negative and on preventative and microchipped. Some may have additional vaccines (leptospirosis) depending on where they are being fostered. All have been held for a minimum 2 weeks to be sure they are not going to come down with kennel cough or worse. We like to have a dog in our program at least a month to get them healthy and hopefully know any issues that need to be addressed as well as know what the dogs like and enjoy.

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We'll also keep you updated on Pup Sajak's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Pup Sajak

Pup Sajak

Mixed Breed (Small)/Mixed Breed (Medium)

Male, Young
Pleasanton, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Funny Face's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Funny Face

Funny Face

Domestic Shorthair

Male, Kitten
Brentwood, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Toby's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Toby


Australian Cattle Dog

Male, 1 yr
Berkeley, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Binx w/Esther's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Binx w/Esther

Binx w/Esther


Male, Adult
San Francisco, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Figaro's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Figaro


Domestic Mediumhair

Male, Kitten
San Jose, CA
We'll also keep you updated on SUMMER BUNNY's adoption status with email updates.



Female, Adult
San Jose, CA

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