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Waterbury Dog Pound

200 Municipal Road, Waterbury, CT 06708

Phone (203) 574-6909
cats & dogs at Waterbury Dog Pound
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Areas Waterbury Dog Pound serves

Waterbury, Connecticut in New Haven County

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Additional adoption info

Adoption fees:

$50 fee for All unspayed/unneutered animals.
This fee includes State of CT voucher which covers some or all of the costs of the spay/neuter (depending upon which vet you use) as well as the rabies and distemper

$5 fee for previously neutered/spayed animals.

$5 fee for out of state adopters with proof of residency (ID).

About Waterbury Dog Pound

The Animal Control Division is a division of the Waterbury Police Dept. and we are dedicated and constantly striving to find homes for our homeless dogs (and the occasional cat) here in the City of Waterbury. The struggle continues as we forge ahead...
The mission of the Animal Control Division is to balance the health, safety and welfare needs of the people and animals within the City of Waterbury by:

■Protecting the rights of people from dangers and nuisances caused by uncontrollable animals.
■Ensuring the legal protection of animals from mistreatment.
■Promoting, motivating and enforcing responsible pet ownership.
■Providing animal-related services to the citizens of the City of Waterbury.
■Educating the public through presentations and public relations.
■Responding to citizen questions regarding animals and providing the appropriate referrals as needed.
■Providing a lost and found service for returning lost pets to owners.
■Coordinating with local rescue groups to facilitate the adoption and rehabilitation of animals.

Waterbury Dog Pound's adopted pets

Adopt a Pet is the easiest way for you to search for a new pet in Waterbury, CT.

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