Pitties & Purrs Rescue, Inc Animal rescue in Baltimore, MD

Pitties and Purrs is a small 501c3, foster-based rescue in Baltimore, MD. Our rescue dogs come from all over the country in order to be rehabilitated and to ultimately find their forever homes. Because we are a foster-based rescue, we completely rely on our incredible volunteers to care for & to temporarily welcome the dogs and cats into their homes to prepare them for adoption.

PO Box 5160
Baltimore, MD 21224
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Rescue FAQs

We are a foster based rescue in Baltimore, MD, so the majority of our adopters and fosters are in the MD and PA areas; however for the best possible home we would consider adopting into VA or DE. We will not adopt to anyone living more than 2 hours away from Baltimore.

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Interview
  • 3. Home Check
  • 4. Sign Adoption Contract

Additional adoption info

Our comprehensive adoption process includes a pre-adoption application, background checks (including vet check), home visit and adoption contract. You must be 21 or over to adopt from us. Unfortunately we are unable to adopt our Pitties or Pitty mixes to adopters living in Prince George's County, MD, due to the BSL in place there. Please remember to check your home owners policy to make sure that your insurance company will cover you for bully breeds.

Our adoption fee is based on the age and health of the animal.
For dogs and cats, please e-mail

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