Harter's Hospice and Puppy Rescue Dog rescue in Pevely, MO

My name is Carla. I am the founder of the organization, opened July 3, 2015. Our focus is the senior dogs of Missouri. We never want a frosted face to end up in a shelter or be there when they can be loved and cared for.
I was a geriatric nurse for several years and converted my love for the senior people to the senior dogs. They come first, they've given their lives to those that chose them. It is our duty to give them the best that they deserve. We get them to optimum health and adoptable for a family to love them in their golden years.
November 2017 we added a puppy division. Our puppy division works hard to make sure the puppies get out of the shelters immediately so they do not get sick and can be cared for until adopted. their innocence and pure curiosity bring a ray of sunshine to our rescue.
All of our adoptable dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and healthy.

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Rescue FAQs

We serve the STL county/city, Jefferson County and surrounding areas of pets in need and adopters looking for dogs. We focus on senior dogs but all dogs in danger are considered and brought to our rescue if there is space available.
We, also, take in the sick, crippled and elderly. We either make them comfortable until their last day or get their health up to par and ready for adoptions. We are foster based so all of our dogs are molded to be indoor, loving pets of adults, children, other dogs and sometimes cats. They are well behaved, loving companions.

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Additional adoption info

We charge very small fees for our adoptions. The fees are based on the age and life expectancy of the dog. They range from $100-250. Each dog comes altered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, with heartguard and flea/tick prevention of our choosing.
We require an application and conversation. We will do a home visit to make sure the home is appropriate and safe for our dog. We will check vet and personal references.
We request a signed document that the dog be returned to the rescue and not taken to a shelter should it not be a fit later on after the adoption.

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