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Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Inc

Palm Bay, FL 32907

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Areas Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Inc serves

Brevard County, Florida and surrounding areas

I limit my travels to 45 minutes for home checks and rechecks.... Please do NOT ask for special favors if you live outside of the area. We are a 501c3 rescue with no paid employees (this is all volunteer) and all time, money etc spent, comes out of our pocket directly.
I will NOT allow someone else to do my home checks, nor can we 'facetime', in place of a home check. It is my job as the president of this rescue to make sure that each animal I place is in the best home/environment for them... It does no good to take them out of one bad environment, only to place them into another. So I am very particular. I want to ensure it is a good fit for both the adopter and my dogs. And most importantly, it will be a forever home.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Inc's adoption process


Submit Application

Request/submit an application. Once I receive it back, I will contact you to discuss a meet and greet/sleepover.



If we feel its a good fit, I will allow him/her to stay for a sleepover, so you can spend more individual time together.


Home Check

If sleepover goes well, adoptions are considered final after 48 hours. I will return for a final home check to collect adoption contract


Sign Adoption Contract

I like to give them 1-2 weeks to settle in and get used to new routine before returning, so they are not confused

Additional adoption info

Hello! A little bit about our rescue... We pull dogs from shelters across the US and transport them here to us in Brevard County, FL. (We do not adopt our dogs outside of Brevard, as I do my own home checks and rechecks and limit my travels to up to 45 minutes each way.)
We dont do "quick adoptions". Meaning you can not simply come and pick up a dog and adopt him/her on the spot. It is a process of about 2-3 weeks, involving the application, initial home check/ sleepover and recheck. We do this to ensure it is a good fit for both you AND our dogs.
Adoption fees are collected at the time the dog is placed in the home for a sleepover. CASH ONLY, as we have had too many checks ‘bounce’ since Biden took over…
ADOPTIONS ARE CONSIDERED FINAL AFTER 48 hours and adoption fees will not be returned if you choose to keep the dog longer than the allowed 48 hour ‘trial period’.
I will return in 1-2 weeks for a final home check and to collect the adoption contract. I like to give the dogs time to adjust to their new home and routine before returning for rechecks. Otherwise, some dogs get confused and are not sure if they are staying or coming back with me. I want them to be secure in their new home and understand that is where they belong.
We do not adopt our dogs to families with small children (Sorry! But not all children are good with dogs and my dogs are my FIRST priority).
Request an adoption application -
Please specify which dog you are interested in, as well as the county in which you live, list any other pets in the home (breed, sex and age), and any children and their ages who live in the home.
Return to us via email and we will contact you to set up a meet and greet in your home when all family members can be present
Thank you!

About Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Inc

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals both on the streets and in the shelters.

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