Feline Network of the Central Coast Cat rescue in San Luis Obispo, CA

What We Are:
Feline Network of the Central Coast is a San Luis Obispo based non-profit humane organization dedicated to the spaying and neutering, care, rescue and adoption of kittens and cats. We strive to communicate the importance of responsible pet care and ownership and to educate the public on the necessity of spaying and neutering.

Who We Are:
Feline Network members are all volunteers — we have no paid staff. We work with veterinarians who generously donate their time to provide medical services at discounted fees. We are a tax exempt non-profit humane organization, 501C3 tax ID# 03-0467307.

Feral Cat Program:
Feline Network volunteers humanely trap feral cats in the San Luis Obispo community in order to decrease their population. Feral cats are the offspring of unaltered housecats who are lost or who have been abandoned by their owners. Because their kittens are not handled by humans, they grow up to be wary and fearful of people. We advocate a Trap-Neuter-Return program (TNR). This greatly reduces the birth rate, and it allows the cats to live out their lives in healthy, managed colonies. This world-wide TNR program has proven to be a success wherever it has been instituted. For those dealing with feral cats, we offer advice, we loan out traps, and we provide hands-on assistance if needed.

About Donating:
Feline Network does not have a formal facility or shelter. All of the funds needed to maintain our network come from your donations. We average 50 kittens and cats in our foster home program at any given time. As you can imagine, they require lots of time, effort, and endless supplies. It is an ongoing challenge to provide even their basic needs of food, cat litter, and medical attention. Your tax deductible donations are always needed to help pay for food, medical supplies, and spay and neutering

Contact Kristin Perl
San Luis Obispo County
P.O. Box 526
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
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San Luis Obispo County

P.O. Box 526

San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

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We serve all of San Luis Obispo County, but we also adopt to homes outside of the county.

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We have an intake conversation, an over the phone home assessment to determine if the kitten or cat you are interested in will work for you. We also like to get a feel for the environment where our feline friends will be living. Fees vary. A typical single kitten adoption is $85. If you find a bonded pair of kittens, $110 for the second one. :) The fee for older cats, or cats with medical conditions varies.

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