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Treasured Animal Rescue, Inc

P.O. Box 4441, Naperville, IL 60567

cats & dogs at Treasured Animal Rescue, Inc
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Areas Treasured Animal Rescue, Inc serves

Each of our Treasured Gems (adoptable pet) are placed in our loving foster home and location varies. Please read each adoptable pets profile which will state the location of foster home. Treasured Animal Rescue does not adopt out of the State of Illinois.

Treasured Animal Rescue, Inc's adoption process


Submit Application

Please go to:



Our foster home will contact after receiving your application.


Meet the Pet

Our foster home will coordinate a meet & greet. When scheduling a meet & greet all family members need to be present


Home Check

Home check is done after the meet & greet.All family members & current pets must be present. Final adoption is done at same time.


Sign Adoption Contract

When adoption is finalized all vet records and information regarding your new pet is provided.

Additional adoption info

To get started in adopting: Please fill out our adoption application and after reviewing our foster family will set up a meet & greet; if applicable. An adoption application link can be found in each Treasured Gems (adoptable pets) profile.
• Spay/neuter before adoption. If under 16 weeks, it will be coordinated with Adoptive family at one of our Rescue affiliated Veterinarian clinics. Treasured Animal Rescue MUST spay/neuter within 30 days of adoption date per the State of Illinois Animal Welfare Act (25 ILCS 605 Section 25.140
• Microchip and registration with HomeAgain. TAR has registered all microchips for our adoptable’s, and family's will be given a transfer form.
• Initial de-worming, flea & tick prevention/treatment (see note below) and heart worm prevention
• Age-appropriate testing for heartworm/FIV-FELV
• Age-appropriate vaccines
• Wellness check exam
**Note on fleas** Those sneaky little critters can hitch a free ride into your home aboard another pet, person, or even rodent, so it is important to make sure your new pet is protected. Depending on the time frame your adoptable pet has been in our foster care it might have had just 1 dose – which is not enough. Please consult with your Vet on putting your new adoptable pet on yearly flea/tick prevention – even if they are an indoor pet.

Adoption fees:

Puppies/Dogs - $400
Seniors - $275

**Some dog breeds require additional vetting which leads to an adoption fee to not adhere to the pricing guideline above. There are many circumstances where an adoptable pet has an adoption fee that varies from above schedule due to their vetting needs while in our foster care.

Cats & Kittens - $150

**Treasured Animal Rescue highly recommends adopting kittens in pairs, to avoid any potential behavioral issues like biting, scratching and not using the litter box. Also, adopting 2 kittens lessens stress on the tiny kitten which provides a healthier transition. **

Adoption application

About Treasured Animal Rescue, Inc

Treasured Animal Rescue is a 100% foster based, non-profit animal rescue dedicated to help animals that face a homeless situation for no fault of their own. Animals that are placed in high-kill shelters, abandoned or are given up by their owners; Treasured Animal Rescue seeks out these animals and places them in our dedicated, loving foster homes. We provide these unfortunate souls vet care while our Volunteers diligently search for their forever homes.

Treasured Animal Rescue is a “no-kill” Rescue and there are no limits to any breed, age or an animal’s health limitations. When an animal is in need of rescue; Treasured Animal Rescue is there to assist an animal in need or when a home owner faces the dilemma of giving up their beloved pet.

As our dedicated Volunteers search the endless paths at the shelters seeing the animals marked “URGENT”, some may see sadness, despair and hopelessness but Treasured Animal Rescue sees a “Diamond Soul”. We see an unfortunate soul that deserves a loving home and we will give that poor animal every opportunity to reach that destiny.

All animals deserve a loving home. We believe that underneath the sadness, despair and hopelessness; every animal has a "Diamond Soul" that is pure, beautiful and has an inward treasure. Treasured Animal Rescue helps all animals show the world the brilliance that shines from their loving souls.

Treasured Animal Rescue, Inc's adopted pets