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I think I am in love with all of you at I submitted pix and bios and I found it so easy! I volunteer at our Humane Society here in a small town in Arkansas and with the Internet and your site I can get our animals seen all over the world! The graphics are wonderful and I like the fact that you will email pictures.

Toni C
Humane Society of Rogers
Rogers, AR
I think is a wonderful tool for any shelter. It is user friendly. We have had several new parents at the shelter who found their new baby on this site. Thanks to websites like this one that help low funding shelters get their pets adopted. It is a great help to the shelters having tools to get the animals seen.

b helms
Humane Society of Clark County
Arkadelphia, AR
Adopt-a-Pet's site has been a boon and a blessing. We love the page format, which really shows off our adoptees in their best light. There's plenty of space for long stories, beautiful pictures, even video! The staff is very responsive to the users. We love it!

Jess C.

AdvoCATs, Inc.
Madison, VA
Great way to reach potential adopters about your adoptable pets. Multiple pictures allowed, videos (Videos are a great way to help the harder to place pets so people can see their personalities). There is a function that emails people looking for pets when a pet fitting their description shows up. Updating the pet listings is also easy.

Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue
Redondo Beach, CA
My Name is Rene Silva and I’m with the United Yorkie Rescue. We have used this site for about a year now and I love it. Our pups get a lot of exposure. This site is very easy to use and I have found I get most of my questions about my pups from this site. You can also find volunteers in your area, and upcoming events. I would recommend this site to all shelters and rescue groups.

Rene Silva
United Yorkie Rescue
Goodyear, AZ
I love the way this site is set up. It has made posting pets as easy as can be. We have gotten several of our pets adopted because of Thanks!

Avery Humane Society
Newland, NC
As someone with little time and not a lot of computer savvy, I have come to depend on the ease and quick ability to post our dogs on the site and modify their and our information at any moment. I love the weekly stats page as it gives me a chance to see which dogs are being seen and which are not. It also gives me hope that those dogs that seem harder to place are getting looked at and that they are being looked at from several places meaning that their furever home may just be around the corner.

Illuminated Labs
Haslett, MI
Hello,! Kitten Krazy is ecstatic with your service as we received emails from potential adopters the first week we posted our kitties. Thank you so much for this much-needed avenue of help.

Wendy Mirrotto
Kitten Krazy, Inc.
Medina, OH is a tremendous plus for our organization. We are able to post pictures and bio's of our adoptable pets. They are viewed all over the country. Isn't that the main objective of all of us. To get the word out there that our wonderful rescued pets are there for the want of a forever home. Working together with established and very well known web sites like is a WIN-WIN. The price is always right and all the added information, contests & blogs will keep the hits coming.

Lotti Benker
Help Animals Lives Today
Kingman, AZ
Thank you so much I've listed my rescues on your website since 2002 and have had many successful adoptions that started from your website.

Mooch's Mastiff Rescue
Texas (previously Florida) helps get your animals seen the more sites the more people more homes and we need loving safe homes

Richland County Animal Control
Olney, IL
BARKS began using late Winter of 08. We have been thrilled with the ease of use posting and revising the pets as well as viewing the hits. The staff have been very helpful and responsive whenever questions have arisen.

Cheryl M

Stanhope, NJ
By placing a pet on you are enabling thousands of people to access your adoptable pets. Non-profit rescues must watch every dollar they spend. is a no cost service to us. We could never afford the cost of advertising that would enable us to receive that amount of prospective adopters. We are located in MI. it's not unusual to have adopters from Alaska, New Mexico, Georgia, Oregon, Maine, just to name a few. And the fact that we ship anywhere in the U.S. gives us no boundaries.

Linda Anthony
Allegan, MI is easy to use, pets gets viewed by many potential adopters. I have had adoptions from this site because users find it convenient to search for pets in all areas, they get the information they need at a glance, and they trust the site for safeness and accuracy. The more places we can post pets the more pets get homes faster.

Dave Dahms
Cast-A-Way Cats
Hobart, IN
We have been posting our dogs on for a couple of years now and have had wonderful results especially with those potential adopters who have signed up to be notified when a particular breed is posted. The majority of the time it has proven to be a perfect match. The way the animals are displayed on the website are fabulous and enticing to anyone looking for a new family member. The information is clear and the links to our website are fabulous.

Lynn Morganroth
Pet Rescue, Inc.
Miami Gardens, FL
I wanted to let you know all our adoptable cats are posted on your website now. Even though we only had 1 cat posted there last month, we still received two calls for her. That was motivation to get the rest of them on there! What a wonderful service you provide. It's been very easy to learn and took no time at all to upload our information. Our foster families also like the fact we can post more than one photo - sometimes it's so hard to pick just one! It's also a bonus to have the cats automatically appear on your partner sites and to get updates on the click-through statistics. I am sure this visibility will translate into more adoptions for our organization.

Thank you for your work!

Nicole Montroy
President, Alley Cat Guardians
We've found that has brought a big increase to our applications! The New Pet Alert emails allow people to have your fresh updates delivered directly to their inbox, so they don't have to remember to check the website every day. And we've seen big click-through rates from partner websites, which means bonus exposure for no extra work! Speaking of work, you'll find the interface quicker than some other sites if you post by hand. If you wish to post using a spreadsheet or direct export from your shelter software, you'll find that is light-years ahead on this point. In fact, this facility alone can make your additional posting time almost nothing!

Lee Strayer
Midwest and Northeast US
I have only been a member for a short time, but my success rate in adoption has been phenomenal. I have been able to adopt 3 dogs out within a month's time, which is awesome. Thank you

Jeannie Keller
Rom-Ger-Am Rottweilers
Latrobe, PA has been an invaluable tool in finding awesome homes for the dogs and cats in my rescue. It is very user friendly and only takes a few minutes to add a pet to your list. I am always amazed at how far people will come to adopt the perfect new member for their family. Thanks you for providing this wonderful tool for all of the homeless animals looking for their forever families.

Gayle Oppliger
Bright Futures Pet Adoption & Rescue, Inc
Columbus, NE
Thanks to, we are getting so many hits on our cats. They are always on top of things and do a really good job of getting them out to be seen. Thank you to

Jayme Bader
Northeast Animal Rescue
Philadelphia, PA
I couldn't be happier with the website and its services to Animal Welfare Groups like our own, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Utah. It's very easy to upload and update our dogs, and I love that it gives an extra picture and a video compared to other sites. The layout of the website is easy to access and get around in, and many potential adopters have commented that it is easy to do a search on what they are looking for. From the day we started using this service, when it was, we have recommended it to other Rescue groups and City animal shelters. The more exposure for our adoptable pets the better! Thank you for an easy, nice looking, and productive service for the homeless animals and those who are trying to help them!

Barbi Carroll
Labrador Retriever Rescue of Utah
West Jordan, UT
We've been with for a long time, and we're so glad we're here! Almost all of our Internet referrals come from Posting new cats is very quick and easy here, and we're grateful for the staff's flexibility and wonderful customer service. They're always willing to listen to our suggestions and try to accommodate our needs.

Missy Zane
Howard County Cat Club
Columbia, MD
We've done well with It's super simple to use and to transfer info from other pet adoption sites to Another rescue told me about the site and I'm very happy that I checked it out.


River City Rescue
Saint Louis, MO
BEI Mastiff Rescue loves you for the following reasons
1. We are seen on other websites
2. One stop place for information and help for specialty and exotic breeds
3. Easy for SPCA to find us and communicate
4. Easy for people that need to surrender a dog to find us and communicate their need with more confidence that just an average rescue on the internet.
5. Carries a name and associates that everyday people can identify and trust
6. Great information and news letters.

Alex Belanger

BEI Mastiff Rescue
Anchorage, AK
I can tell from email subject lines that many people find me and the dogs in my rescue through Many people have mentioned it when they contact me. I am very grateful to be an member, as it definitely helps me place pets in good, pet-loving homes. The people are very friendly, they offer various resources, I highly recommend it.

Dixie L. Davis
CorgiDane Rescue
San Antonio, TX
This is a great site! They send weekly updates to let you know how each pet's listing is doing - this gives us an opportunity to tweak each listing until we get an animal adopted.

Lisa R.

C.A.T.S.-C.A.N., Inc.
Oviedo, FL
Other pet adoption websites may have large advertising campaigns, but we've gotten almost as many hits and applicants from (formerly 1-800-Save-A-Pet) over the last 5 years. The site is easier to post our foster dogs to than the others and there is no delay in getting our newest postings seen like there is on other adoption websites - and you also don't need to know html code to set it up like other site's required home pages do.

Linda Cribb, President
East Coast Asian Dog Rescue, Inc.
Mays Landing, NJ (all east coast states) is great. We adopt out many animals because of this website. It's another great way for people to look around for the animal they are looking for without leaving their homes. It brings more people into the shelter that would have not come in if it wasn't for the fact they saw an animal they're interested in and came down to see them.

ACO Lori
West Warwick Animal Shelter
West Warwick, RI
I just learned about recently, and started out with only five dogs to start with, until there was some data on utilization. In the past few weeks since adding these pets, we have had lots of hits on these pets, and two of the five have found forever homes!!! I like the ease of use as the administrator, as well as the pet view stats. I will be prioritizing the addition of the rest of our pets and hope to continue having good utilization.

ECAH Animals Inc.
Tallahassee, FL
We are finding that a new audience is looking at Adopt a Pet as compared to other pet adoption websites---we are receiving inquiries from a very serious audience and by that we mean serious about adopting a rescue animal. The families we meet with have done their homework; are dog savvy; have the home environment and financial stability to have a pet at this time in their lives. Many understand the breeds and what breeds are best suited to their families. We also like the personal look of the website and the notices we receive on important issues facing the animal population.

B. Milne
Manhatten's Rescue Sanctuary
Sacramento, CA
Hi, I live in Houston, Texas and became part of a rescue group in Tennessee and Florida through your website. I have been able to adopt and foster four Papillions that I have found through your website in far reaching places that I would have not been able to have a home for if it weren't for your website, so thank you for the dedication to these wonderful animals that deserve a loving home.

kathleen kennedy hamlin
South Paw Rescue
Houston, TX
Why list with Adopt-A-Pet: That's easy! Why NOT? The more your pets are seen, the better chances of an adoption so you can rescue another one!

Canine Canyon Ranch
Tehachapi, CA is AWESOME! I have had many views since posting my rescue babies with them. I have adopted out recently, a special needs Beagle mix named Sandy who only had one eye. She found a wonderful home and I look forward to finding many more wonderful homes for the ones who have no voice. Thank You for being their voices!

Samantha Holton
Girard LifeSaver rescue
Girard, GA is a tremendous resource for potential adopters to find us and our pups.

Midwest Rescue of Illinois, Inc
Hoffman Estates, IL has been an excellent way to find homes for our homeless pet. It's user friendly, and very efficient. It a wonderful way to help you find volunteers and it's a great networking system.

Anna T
Renegade Rescue
Naples/Bonita, FL
A picture is worth a thousand words. It's great to come to work in the morning and find multiple e-mails or calls from people that have fallen in love with a dog or cat from a picture. It gives us the opportunity to provide follow up information and invite the potential adopter to come and meet a deserving companion animal. It's not always the match that the adopter hoped for but many times they find another animal at the shelter that IS the perfect match. With everyone using electronic means to get the word out about adoptable animals, those that don't participate are missing out on connecting with thousands of potential adopters. We all share the mission to rehome these sweet animals and I applaud the success of every shelter that takes the time to post pictures and provide descriptions. Together we make a difference.

Pasco County Animal Services
Land O' Lakes, FL
I get as many emails from site as I do from the other pet adoption websites, and they aren't the same people. There is a large group of people who use this site and I have been able to adopt out double the dogs as before.

Camp LotsaDogs
Oshawa, ON
I highly recommend using to try to place your rescues. We just recently started using this site and after posting a puppymill cocker spaniel survivor found a home for her within two weeks. This site is easy to use and you can make changes any time. I get a weekly report of which dogs have been viewed which helps me in making changes to their description bio if need be.

Carla Nelson
Mini Mutts Rescue
Madison, OH
With the current economy and bankruptcy on homes and job closings it is heartbreaking to see so many animals being left behind in homes without a place to go. We have witnessed many of these little animals left behind and a neighbor that is already to their limit, the realtor or bank finds the animal(s) about starved to death and brings them to the local Shelters. The poor little animals have the look that they understand what has happened by the abandonment and all they want is a home to love and nourish their little bodies that won't make them feel as no one loves them. I can't even start to imagine being left in a cold empty house in the winter, but also to be faced in a cage waiting for a day of death at High kill shelters. has reached out beyond our area to find the little ones homes. Thank you for remembering these little ones by giving Your time and Hard work to saving lives and Thank You to all the adopting families that make a big differnce in rescuing these little lives! We are able to pull cats and dogs out into foster homes locally and give them the health care including spay/neuter Encouragement and Love. They then are placed on adopt a pet and find forever homes that change lives all over the world!

Spare Cat Rescue
Carthage, MO
We had our best adoption day ever yesterday. People were lined up when we opened and we had 10 adoptions -- including two senior cats, a mother and daughter, who had been in our system quite a while. They were adopted together by a wonderful couple who fell in love at first sight. The greater the exposure we have on pet adoption sites, the more cats and kittens find good homes. It was a great day -- and we hope for more of the same. Thanks a lot,

Dorothy Long
Refuge pour chats de Verdun
Montreal, Quebec
We have been very happy with the results from using this website. Our animal get seen more than they ever would before. I would recommend using this site for any rescue or shelter.

Sarah Van Orden
Selina Memorial Animal Rescue
Whitehall, MT
We get a lot of inquiries from the website and most of them result in excellent homes for our dogs. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.

Judi Fetters
Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Houston, TX
Although we have our own website to post our adoptable pets on, ADOPT-A-PET.COM reaches out to millions! Some of our best placements are through ADOPT-A-PET.COM. It's quite obvious homes reaching out to rescues for a family member, search ADOPT-A-PET.COM. WE LOVE HAVING SUCH A GREAT WEBSITE THAT REACHES SO MANY.

D. Eilbeck
All Miniature Pinscher Service Inc.
Norfolk, VA
I love using for many reasons. I receive a lot of calls for the pets we have posted on this website. Many of our adopters have seen our pets on the website. I love the reports as to which pets are being seen and how often. It gives me a chance to change the pictures around and see if we get more hits because of it.

Gail H
Long Beach Humane Society
Long Beach, NY
I would say our stats for hits tells a good part of the story. We get a lot of adoptions from people seeing us on the internet. I do believe it has added substantially to our adoptions. We have adopted over 1600 dogs in 4 1/2 years and I believe since we have been on the web, it has helped us reach these great figures. We have done more since on the internet. Thank you all so much for helping us to expose our dogs.

Sharon Barchuk
Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue & Adoptions
Kennesaw, GA
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